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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. WilliamNewbridge

    My Autoflower Topping & LST Journey - Daily Updates

    Hi Everyone, Figured I would see if anyone wants to follow along as I train my Fastbuds Fastberry and Smoothie. I have a journal but figured I would keep this strictly as a timelapse and step by step of sorts on the training process with daily pics as best I can. Quick Details: - 20" x 36" x...
  2. What's in the tent

    What's in the tent

    Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 1x #optic2 1x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 1x oscillating monkey fan 1x 6in fan Medium: 2gal air pots canna coco bricks plus perlite Nutrient: cangenx mantisbufferednutrients .
  3. WilliamNewbridge

    First Indoor Grow - Fastbuds Fastberry & Smoothie

    Hey Everyone Thought I would make my first post here a good one, and since I just planted a couple seeds why not start a journal. I have outdoor a couple times with this season's harvest being somewhat of a dissapointment due to some issues with a Hermie and some bud rot and PM as well as some...
  4. Okie4

    Coco coir help. New grower!

    I am wanting to begin my grow soon ! I have gotten everything in order and have my seeds germinating right now. I have Mother Earth coco +perlite (70/30 ratio) for my medium. And herbal hydroponics and cal mag for nutes. This is my first grow and I am not sure if I need to wash my coco coir? Or...
  5. Okie4

    First grow !! Feed/water schedule

    Hey fellas ! I’ll be starting my first grow in the next few days with a couple blue dream autos from Fast buds. ( 3 Gallon fabric pots in black gold organic natural soil) I plan on using the General Hydroponics Flora Trio and some Cal Mag plus for nutrients. I have been researching and looking...
  6. Okie4

    New grower ! Need advice please!

    New to the growing community and excited to make my own medicine now! But I need help and am looking for any and all knowledge you veterans have. I currently have a 27x27x63 inch tent with a full spectrum king led plus 600w light. Along with a 4inch carbon filter setup. I’m planning to get a few...
  7. Harry_Kovert

    Harry's Horticulture - 3rd Grow

    Evening Peeps. I've been intermittently posting photos of my current grow....and asking plenty of daft questions along the way - so I thought I'd pull my finger out and post my 1st journal. Hopefully some of the learning that I've obtained from you fine people will be put to good use in this...
  8. M

    So I hopped aboard the autopot/megacrop train

    Alright finally made the move from dwc to coco/autopots. AN 3 part nute line has been good but so many different bottles and the PRICE is whats turning me to megacrop and the extras. Dwc is great but it’s become too much work for me now. I’m also still a pretty crappy grower but am diving in to...
  9. Only1Sky

    GROW BATTLES Fastbuds Soomthie & Gelato-T7 (Only1Sky) - Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Greetings folks. Participating in the Independent Battle: Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2 with Fastbuds Smoothie and a new test strain, T7. My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Lights: TBD; either Cobshop COBs or Amare SE450UVB 6" intake fan, 6" exhaust fan, two interior...
  10. ocg

    3 FastBuds strains in SS-W Super Soil under 960W of LM301B

    I'm almost ready to plunk some FastBuds seeds for my first auto grow - second grow ever. I started a separate thread about this grow when I first joined, but a lot has changed since then (including medium) so I thought it would make more sense to just create a new post. My first (photo) grow is...
  11. temp_5XcJYtuV

    Herb Beanz Magical indoor medical jungle!

    Seeds: - BlackBerry, Zkittles, Tangiematic (Fastbuds) -Moby Dick XXL, Moby Dick (Dinafem) -Fugue State, 3Bears OG, Illuminauto Sweet and Sour (Mephisto Genetics) - Zkittles OG, Glue Gelato (Barneys) -60 DAY Lemon Skunk (DNA) -Early Miss, White Widow Crop King Seeds (freebies) -Turbo Diesel Auto...
  12. NiceOption

    Nice Option's Garden of Intergalactic Delights

    Good day fellow growers, stoners and autoflowering enthusiasts :toke: Welcome to my new thread. This will be an attempt at something that resembles a perpetual(ish) rotating(ish) tent of medicinal flowers. Previous efforts can be viewed here This tent will differ slightly as previously I was...
  13. Unique

    Indoor Grow Uniquez XXL Invasion

    Hey Everyone I'm back after a 4 week prep and lining my grows up. This time around I have 2-XXL's but only one of the two will be documented here, the 2nd you'll basically see in group photo's but NO updates to be posted(for now) The Focus on this Grow will be FastBuds- Blue Dreamatic' Blue...
  14. Autotron

    Indoor Grow Autotron's organic super soil perpetual grow

    After a successful foray into hydro, I'm looking to get something as chill and low maintenance as possible going to give me something to play with, but not take up much time or effort. To that end, a super soil based organic grow fit the bill. I've done these in the past with Kindsoil, but it...
  15. Only1Sky

    Fastbuds Californian Snow & CBD Crack (Only1Sky)

    Hi Folks. Going to add a couple of new (to me anyway) Fastbuds strains to my repertoire. This grow will feature two each of Californian Snow and CBD Crack :biggrin: Here's the setup: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Light: Amare SolarECLIPSE SE450+UVB LED Pot: 3 gal. airpot Medium: Roots Organics...
  16. Only1Sky

    Completed Fastbuds Cream Cookies (Only1Sky)

    Hi Folks. After reading @Unique's grow journal on this strain (completed late last June), I just knew I had to have some ASAP. So even though my tent space was mostly committed to the the September Grow Battles, I managed to squeeze in a Cream Cookies seed. :biggrin: Here's the setup: Gorilla...
  17. tripaholic88

    Trip Goes ORGANIC

    ok guys so i have decided to give chemical nutes a break and do some Organic growing. This grow will be grown in Biobizz Light Mix amended with the Roots Organics Uprising line up (Foundation,Grow,Bloom) OregonismXL (bennys) and their Elemental(CalMag). I will also be using Mammoth P and...
  18. M

    RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  19. KC75

    Fastbuds grow

    Hello, new guy here. Not new to the grow game, just new to autoflowers and indoor tent growing. Just wanted to add my grow. Specs: Vivosun 5x5 tent, (2) Viparspectra 450W full spectrum, Growgood 6” carbon filter, Vivosun 6” exhaust fan, Programable heater, Light timer, Vicks...
  20. JackDenmark

    Stardawg from FastBuds

    Hello, i need help to diagnose some of my plants.. Im still learning and i have tried to find out what the problem is but i cant figure it out completely.. I think its has something to do with either me using to much nitrogen or not flushing enough or else it must be a (P) issue, or a...