female seeds

  1. gennaro-fs

    Seeking test growers 2019

    Hello lovely people from the Autoflower Network :jump: We are currently seeking some growers to showcase 4 of our photoperiodic strains and 2 of our autoflowering ones, as we are currently in need of an update on our descriptions. Here a list of strains we thought you might be interested in...
  2. dankstyle J

    Oregon Grown #5 Light deppin in a ruff rural hood!!

    Welcome back friends to another oregon grown .This year there is going to be more plants then ever .10 plants flower ten in veg an towards the end autos an photos going indoors to be finished off .All in all I will flower out 20 plants in my light dep greenie .I will be adding lights about 8...
  3. Yeatster

    Female Seeds with Yeatster

    @Female Seeds has offered another showcase here, on AFN. I will start with an Auto Bubble & Auto AK. 5 gallon smart pots 70% Promix 30% coco coir @Greenleaf Nutrients Mega Crop, Bud Explosion, Sweet Candy @BigSm0 autocobs Seeds are wet & pots are being washed and prepped today. They will...
  4. NorthernLights_420

    Female Seeds-Auto Kush & Auto Speed Bud

    Sponsored grow by Female Seeds. Thanks Female Seeds! Arrived in the mail today for the test seeds. Germinating already. Will post pics when both strains are born and transplanted into single 5 gallon bucket deep water culture hydroponics systems.
  5. wanri1732

    Speed Buds & Dinafem Cheese XXL - QB288 260W - 2x4 - Goal to 250Grams

    Hi.... This is my 1st Grow. 3 Speed Buds from Female Seeds. Speed Bud 1 - 3 Weeks Speed Bud 2 - 3 Weeks Speed Bud 3 - 1 Week (New baby) 1 Cheese XXL Auto from Dinafem Room Setup : 288 Quantem Board 260W Light 4*2*5 Tent 6inch Exhaust Fan A/C @ 27celcius temp. - I live in a hot country...
  6. Dabber

    Dabbers MEGA RUN

    What's up AFN FAMILY. My 3rd grow is finishing up and it's now time to plan my next run in my new space. Please join me @912GreenSkell @9bear @trailanimal @archie gemmill @Arthur @Ash-a-Ton @Avalanche Blanch @BigSm0 @blue @Boradan @briman @Bubble Bowls @bushmasterar15 @Cotton46 @DABaracuss...
  7. Ripper

    Rippers auto speed bud

    I will be growing this girl in a 1.5 gallon pot using Mephisto amendment and distilled water. Starting at week 3 she will be top fed recharge once per week. Got the seedsnin the mail yesterday so I put one in the dirt.. Here she is...
  8. Unique

    Auto Kush

    Hello Everyone! I am doing Test Grow for Female Seeds, running their Auto Kush....I hope you all will stop by & watch this grow..This Grow should turn out pretty decent, They will be grown In an Optimized Grow Environment.....with stress free condition's....This will be underway in just a...
  9. jaybird

    Purple Maroc (Female Seeds) Outdoor Medical Grow

    Wanted to show off a couple of Purple Maroc (Female Seeds) ladies grown from seed this season off-grid in a medical garden in Eastern Washington (organically grown in homemade soil at 46 degrees N latitude and 4000 ft altitude). Its a shame you can't smell it through the screen, as it has an...
  10. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Female Seeds!

    AFN would like to welcome Female Seeds to the forum for product and strain testing and review! https://www.femaleseeds.nl/en Some very nice looking genetics on their page and in due time we'll have documented grow journals and reviews for each of them! Thank you again to the folks at Female...
  11. George Seeds

    Strain Spotlight: Auto Speed Bud by Female Seeds

    To celebrate this super-speedy strain, The Vault is giving away a massive 15% discount off Auto Speed Bud, when you enter the code: ASB15 in the cart! Check it out at http://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/Cannabis-Seeds-News/strain-spotlight-auto-speed-bud-by-female-seeds