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  1. Mr B. from Female Seeds

    Female Seeds New Year & New Strain

    Hello peeps , First off, we wish you a great start of 2020 to all of you! We hope y'all had a great start so far! Now, enough with the pleasantries. We are urging to give you the breaking news! 2019 has been a relatively quiet year, with the release of just 1 strain (our beloved CBD Terra...
  2. Frogster

    "Used Tea Bag" for Seed Germination - Live Experiment

    Can you germinate cannabis seeds in used teabags ? A gardening show that I saw somewhere, a few years back - gave me the idea for this experiment, and prompted for the reasons below. Tea leaves contain all the big three nutrients, N-P-K, as well as some trace minerals, in fact - tea leaves...
  3. Waira

    Female Seeds Skunk Special

    :woohoo1: Thanks for posting this info mate, and the others too! They're the most informative I've seen so far-- :thanks:...... I'm dying to get my outdoor grow on with this girlie! I LOVE funky smells, and have had a really cat-pissy bag or two in the past... The nose says one thing, taste...
  4. dankstyle J

    Female Seeds Pure AK - Strain Info

    Very nice I have the photo an the auto of this will be running the auto in my greenhouse.
  5. Wingsuit

    Female Seeds Lemon Kush - Strain Info

    From my personal experience i can say twice i popped this strain and both times failed to germinate. Price is cheap so maybe not after 2 but if ratio will keep going if i will buy more that could mean one thing. But i wll give it another go soon and we will see how it goes : )
  6. Mossy

    Female Seed Grower of the Year 2018 First leg starts 1st May

    #femaleseedsgrowerof2018 First leg starts 1st Feb 2018 Staff and CannaZone Test Team names @sniper @Maria Sanchez @SOOTDAWG @islandgrower @nizmoKush Member names. Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2018 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where the...
  7. gennaro-fs

    Female Seeds Auto White Widow x Big Bud - Strain Info

    Genetic lineage: Ruderalis x White Widow x Big Bud Indoor (symbol): 10-12 weeks (start to finish) Outdoor (symbol): YES, 10-12 weeks (start to finish). See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods Height (symbol): Indoor: 80-90 cm | Outdoor: 80-130 cm Yield...
  8. gennaro-fs

    Female Seeds Auto Speed Bud - Strain Info

    Genetic lineage: Early Misty x Ruderalis Indoor (symbol): 12 weeks (start to finish) Outdoor (symbol): YES, 12 weeks (start to finish) See page … for suitable outdoor zones Height (symbol): Indoor: 40-80 cm | Outdoor: 50-120 cm Yield (symbol): Indoor: 150-200 gr/m2 | Outdoor: 15-35 gr/plant...
  9. gennaro-fs

    Female Seeds Auto NL - Strain Info

    Genetic lineage: NL x Lowryder Indoor (symbol): 11-13 weeks Outdoor (symbol):YES, 11-13 weeks (start to finish) Height (symbol): Indoor: 40-80 cm | Outdoor: 60-130 cm Yield (symbol): Indoor: 300 gr/m2 | Outdoor: 40-100 gr/plant Taste/smell: The aroma is typical NL; strong, earthy with a hint...
  10. gennaro-fs

    Female Seeds Auto Kush - Strain Info

    Genetic lineage: Hindu Kush x Ruderalis Indoor (symbol): 10-12 weeks (start to finish) Outdoor (symbol): YES, 10-12 weeks (start to finish). See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods Height (symbol): Indoor: 100-120 cm | Outdoor: 120-140 cm Yield...
  11. gennaro-fs

    Female Seeds Auto AK - Strain Info

    Genetic lineage: Pure AK x Lowryder Indoor (symbol): 10-12 weeks (start to finish) Outdoor (symbol):YES, 10-12 weeks (start to finish). See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods Height (symbol): Indoor: 40-80 cm | Outdoor: 40-120 cm Yield (symbol)...
  12. Duggy

    Female Seeds Duggy NL Auto Test

    24th Sept germinated 2 x Northern Lights Auto from Female Seeds. One quickly produced a tap root and was potted to a small pot around 1L where she will remain for a week prior to planting into a 15L Autopot. Nutrients will be Biotabs line. Currently under 100w Spectrum King LED. Big thanks to...
  13. Greensleeves

    Auto Kush - Mars-Hydro 48 reflector series - ph perfect Advanced nutrients - Coco.

    Hi guys. First journal so bare with me. I'm on day 28 but I will post photos from start up to present. I have documented watering schedule on my iPad calendar so I can match up the dates to photos taken on the iPad. Medium is 50/50 coco peat/perlite Strain. Auto Kush from femaleseeds...
  14. XxxAuto

    Ver. 0.2 CR7 + 3 second grow

    Hi everyone.... This is my (AKA Mr. X / X-man / Stalker. ect.) second seed germination/grow. My first is here: https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/3-young-girls-waiting-first-grow-at-all-journal.51688/ Now I go all in, to see what happens in my tent, together with my existing 3 strains...