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  1. T

    What fertillizer to get?

    Hello all, i am very new at this forum and hope i post in the right place. So i wanting to do an outdoor grow of two auto strains(think different and auto bubba kush) in future. The problem:i don't have acces to many fertilizers goods for cannabis during flowering period in my area...but i still...
  2. Greek MJ God

    Ultimate NPK values?

    Hello all, What are ultimate NPK values for a synthetic fertilizer? I can find a water salute fertilizer 30-10-10 for growing and a 5-15-40 for blooming. Will it work? Peace
  3. Druid

    Jack Herer: First time grow

    The first post is always the most awkward.. so: "Heeeyy" I found this board a few days ago and yesterday decided that I wanted to be here too. I've got experience with plants in general (I grow tiny trees and cross breed peppers for fun) but this is my first venture into this area. At the...
  4. Dr. Babnik

    Advanced Nutrients - pH-perfect Grow/Bloom vs Connoisseur series

    Hi all! Looking at AN products. Anyone have something they want to share about the various lines of base nutes? I have enough ferts, but I would like to read your experiences. Also I tend to hoard chemicals... About the Connoisseur line they say "for top-notch growers" and clame up to 43%...