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first auto grow

  1. DWC Autoflower Grow

    DWC Autoflower Grow

    Hello fellow growers ! So I’ve grown in hydro setup before closet style lol about 15 years ago , so with that said I’m basically a Newbie to this . ANY HELP OR INPUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I will list my set up and will update with pictures periodically. I did hell of research on my grow...
  2. My last grow

    My last grow

    My first time growing autoflower plants.
  3. C

    First grow, is it time to harvest????

    Currently we are almost 9 weeks in on growing our first auto flower strain(Critical Purple). 61 days, the strain says typical grow time is 70 to 80 days. We have a 30x magnification on order to see the trichomes better and should be here in a few days but we want to make sure we harvest at the...
  4. dragoneye1

    First Grow

    What’s up brothers and sisters! I’m dragoneye. New here and on my first grow. Hope to meet and learn from all you. I planted my first 3 seeds of Zour Zkittles autos on April 4th, 2021. I got the seeds from SOFEM and I used the cup of water method for germinating. All three seeds sprouted a tail...
  5. F

    32 Days Jack Herer Auto Any Advices?

    Hi everyone, Its been 32 days into my first grow ever and I was wondering if everything is going as expected. Any advice is really appreciated. 80x80x160 Grow Tent Soil: Plagron Light Mix Light: LM301H Samsung Quantum Board 240Watt Humidity: Around 40% since 2 days around 60% before that...
  6. I

    New Grower - I really need some advice (is my set up okay?)

    Hey everyone, New member and a new auto grower here. I have only grown once, and that was legit me throwing seeds into my compost and out popped three plants which in turn gave buds and I made everything into butter as the buds were not super nice (I am a little picky as I have been spoilt by...
  7. H

    Suspect possible slow growth from seedlings

    Hello, first post here, trying to get some piece of mind while I navigate through this grow process. This is my first legitimate effort grow where I have the means to do things correctly. I will try to be methodical as possible on this post with as much data as I can provide. My concern is as...
  8. rayguess11

    Gorilla Glue - White Widow - Coco Loco - First Grow

    Hello to everyone reading this. This is not only my first ever thread but the very first time growing. I've done only minor research online and watched a lot of Youtube. Germinated each seed via the wet paper napkin method roughly a day apart from each other. 3 Seeds total 1x White Widow from...
  9. A

    Need calmag? Help please :)

    My son sprayed ceramic car coating on some of my leaves... wiped and rinsed off and I thought the burn was from that, but wondering if I've actually got a calcium deficiency. Thanks for any help
  10. Salts First Grow - 10 Six Shooters by 420fastbuds 2 Sour Stompers by Mephisto

    Salts First Grow - 10 Six Shooters by 420fastbuds 2 Sour Stompers by Mephisto

    :yoinks: What The Shit am I Doing!? :yoinks: "Use your brain Salty!" :welcome: Hello I go by the name salty, why u might ask really ain't gotta clue was one of my old Xbox/PlayStation gaming names and I'm sticking with it. Today I'm going to be popping the growing cherry like virgin Mary! Sit...
  11. andreasmilesxx

    First grow and harvest

    Just joined. Already got some amazing info. I just did my first harvest 2 weeks ago and have a little over 3 oz from 3 autos. WW-seedsman WW-420 guys Lemon haze-seedsman Not a huge yield but I’m stoked. The bids smell amazing and get better every day I think. Especially the WW-seedsman. I’m...
  12. Minime2020

    Seedlings day 7

    Are me girls getting to talk, they about 4" tall I have lowered my light and will keep an eye on it I think????
  13. A

    First grow ever, any advice very appreciated!

    Hi! Trying to make a long story short, I started growing some veggies with my kids and decided to grab some seeds from MSNL when our veggies actually germinated and stayed healthy. I got a 5 pack of bluetooth feminized autoflower since they were cheap and my first try etc.. I planted 2 to start...
  14. hotdogking15

    Slow to flower

    This is my blue dream auto and it’s been nearly 2 months and it’s only just started flowering?? It’s also so short? The only reason I’m freaking out is cause I ran out of weed ahahha. I’m guessing this definitely isn’t normal lol.:pass:
  15. T

    Rookie grower

    so I have a number of questions and things related to this hobby. Firstly I did grow some plants earlier this year, by this time last grow my plants wear 2-3xs bigger. They didn't do amazingly, though they started off better than this second attempt. I planted sour diesel and critical gorilla...
  16. Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Blue Dream and Dr Jack Autos!!

    Hey!! Currently only on day 5 of my first grow and everything seems to be going okay so far. However there’s always plenty of room for error.. I was a little worried about Dr Jack cause of the colour and being so bright or yellow tinted in the centre, she’s growing a bit slower than Blue Dream...
  17. Z

    Diffusing my LED grow light

    Hey gang, First post here. Really appreciate all the knowledge y’all share. It’s been extremely helpful on my first grow. basic rundown of my situation: 6x GSCX auto from ILGM in a mix of happy frog, peat moss, pearlite, and vermiculite in 3 gal fabric pots. 3.5 ft X 7 ft room 2x 600w...
  18. S

    First grow. AK47 auto

    First off I just wanna say hey y’all! Joined this forum today. Been reading here for a little bit. Enjoying the content and answers by some of the elders here. Soaking up everything I can. Total noob! Got my AK47 from weedseedsexpress. Out of Amsterdam. Did my research for a few months prior to...
  19. J

    First Grow in San Diego

    I had the idea to grow some cannibas a few days ago and ordered some northern lights auto and blue dream auto seeds. Due to time constraints, I will plant them as soon as I get the seeds so probably near end of september, which I am aware is not the most ideal time. Would anyone recommend a...
  20. Raswarriorfari

    First auto grow “HELP”

    This is my first auto grow. I am growing outdoors in 5 gallon pots but don’t know how to start. I am going to use regular potting soil. My concern is pre mixing Black Gold starter and transplant fertilizer in my soil before placing my seed into pot. The fertilizer is 3.5.3 and says it will not...