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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Introducing "MassTerpenes" on the Autoflower Network!

    Good morning everyone! We'd like to introduce a new vendor company to the forum called MassTerpenes! https://massterpenes.com/ MassTerpenes creates and sells wax and rosin liquefiers and terpenes to add into mixtures and for creating vape cartridges! Some of the members of our test team...
  2. VitaMan

    Feeding for Flavor: Enhancing Terpenes

    OK. Molasses helps, Terpinator etc are good, and Organics and microbes gets the tastiest weed. There were some GH sweeteners that promised to give weed fruit flavors. I always thought "If I want blueberry, I will grow blueberry!" But since then, I have been wondering if there are natural...
  3. True_Mako

    Flavonoid, Terpenes and Terpenoids - Info Thread

    Some research was recently concluded on various strains of cannabis to identify some of the flavors and smells associated with the mystical flower. I'll post it here and let you take what you will from it. Hope you enjoy!