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  • G'Day folks! It's voting time for the 2021 Outdoor Auto-Photo Comp', so please swing by to oggle them womens and pick your favorites!.... *Located at the Live Vendor G&S section*


  1. Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    this is pre-fan removal, as wide as I coudl get it and still get some definition to the buds Mephisto is hands down my favorite breeder.
  2. 3 Bears OG Body Shot

    3 Bears OG Body Shot

    she was so DENSE, I had to tie her to the ceiling so she didnt break her branches. even then some still snapped. And that's only a 2 gallon pot!
  3. 3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    Such a pretty shot. this one went on my wall. Only the BEST make it on the wall.
  4. 3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    my GOODNESS look at those crystals!
  5. Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    do I really need to say more? I wish I could get a couple more of these, and see if they get bigger under my new Quantums.
  6. Columbo

    DabPress Rosin Press (Flower) listed on Amazon (cheaper on ebay) Thoughts?

    I am looking at a Rosin Press on Amazon and what appears to be the "same" design/model as well on ebay, but cheaper. I include a link to the one on Amazon. Nice thing about Amazon, even though it costs a bit more, I can specify that they donate to NORML if I use the link. What are your...
  7. man bear 3 bears

    man bear 3 bears

  8. Man Bear 3 Bear

    Man Bear 3 Bear

    post fan removal main cola
  9. Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    even the side buds are purpling, and SOLID.
  10. Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3247.jpg

    This is the main cola. the colors are ABSOLUTELY there. all I did was edit the exposure, and a touch to the light/shadow play. This plant absolutely glowed in the flash of the camera. One of the stickiest plants I've ever encountered. This one is a photo, but she is so pretty I just had to show her
  11. M

    Plant not flowering day 60

    What is the most time your autos took to start flowering? this is my first grow. I have 2 plants, both should be autos (northern lights from vision seeds). One looks real nice and started flowering at around day 30. but the other one isn't showing any signs of that. is there a way I could force...
  12. FullDuplex

    tCheck Welcome tCheck!

    tCheck is the at home unit that accurately tests your infusions,flower, and concentrates. Please give a big AFN welcome to tCheck!
  13. MidSlotDinger

    Started Flush P Deficiency? Late flower..K?

    Late flower issue here is some background info: STRAIN: blue berry auto (Dutch passion) Set up: 4x4x6.5 Mylar tent LIGHTING Top: 1000w morsen LED (double chip, infrared)+ Side: 4-6 CFLS I run a 300 cfm exhaust fan pushing air out the top of the tent to create negative pressure. (Carbon filter...
  14. T

    What fertillizer to get?

    Hello all, i am very new at this forum and hope i post in the right place. So i wanting to do an outdoor grow of two auto strains(think different and auto bubba kush) in future. The problem:i don't have acces to many fertilizers goods for cannabis during flowering period in my area...but i still...
  15. FirstTimeG-row

    12 week old royal dwarf slow flower need advice!!!

    hi guys i need an experienced growers knowledge as this is my first grow and arnt sure what to do from here on out. my plant is aproximatly 80-90 cm (havnt messured in a while) it is starting to flower as i can see are growing slowly . using a 10ltr pot but could be root bound arnt sure as roots...
  16. Johnnybudseed

    Cal-Mag Needed? also how beneficial is it?

    Hello, At the moment i am in full bloom for 3 of my plants and am feeding the following - FF Big Bloom 3 tspn, FF Tiger Bloom 2 tspn, 1 tspn molasses, 1 pinch epsom and 1/8th tspn superthrive - [super once a month] I also will be recieving CalMag in the next few days, will that replace the...