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  1. Day 70

    Day 70

    Ahoy:weed: No bad surprises* The plant is getting fat and I already harvested some small bud sites. Counting...
  2. Day 56

    Day 56

    She looks good so far. I updated her feeding to include sensi bloom, carboload, overdrive and calmag.
  3. Day 49

    Day 49

    I'm just posting to mark the end of week 7. I can start overdrive earlier since I don't use big bud.
  4. Day 45

    Day 45

    Pre-flowering stretch stopped two days ago. I did not flush on advice, mixed grow and bloom fertilizers in a 50/50 ratio, which will be a transition feeding for a while. And there is no defoliation plan at all, I just did a little cleaning around the bottom for now.
  5. Double Grape week 6, great looking canopy

    Double Grape week 6, great looking canopy

    Week 6 of the Double Grape from Mephisto. Plant has been dropped into the flower rack for its training in flower. Flower training consists of spreading shoots/bud sites out. Grow is going great. Buds are also getting very frosty. Check out some of the training on YouTube @ProfessorAutoflower
  6. Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, day 32 to be exact. The canopy is looking great. I am done with lst by bending tops. Letting all tops grow vertical. Still plan on lst but just by spreading shoots out creating plenty of room and airflow for each bud site.
  7. D

    Autoflower Bruce Banner Week 10 yellowing rapidly but not ready.

    I've been growing two autoflower Bruce Banners in soil and the older one is just reaching the 10 week mark today, however it seems to be yellowing (and it a bizzare manner) very fast and I am worried it will not be ready by the time all of the leaves die. About two weeks ago it had a lot of...
  8. OG-GeMann

    VPD: The Final Stages Of Life

    Lets talk about VPD in flower, Am I supposed to follow VPD when in flower. (the final 2 weeks) humidity 30-40% temps 70-75F will give me a VPD of 1.5-1.65 {leaf temps -2,-3 cooler} that would be on the high end. do I keep the temp/RH or try to follow VPD. {just in flower} what about if running...
  9. fading fast

    Completed fading fast

    Is it true the this particular strains( white widow auto) trichomes stays cloudy and it will not turn amber, or is this statement is false. Am I supposed to wait for the fan leaves fade then die to harvest them. They are 10 weeks,2 days from seed..... ?????:55: here are some pics of them: they...
  10. OG-GeMann

    Completed White Widow autoTrichomes

    Is it true that the white widow auto trichomes dosnt get amber and that I should wait for the fan leaves to fade. I have 4 ladies that are at 10 weeks,2 days from seed. They are fading and the trics are still clear. What should I do wait another week or two. Here are some pics: #3: #4: #2 #1
  11. OG-GeMann

    New Here

    hello everyone I am new and I wanted to start a journal of my grow with 4 White Widow autos, they are going on 10 weeks Here are some pics of them: these were taken on 12/17/2020
  12. H

    Anyone had any experience with this?!

    My cheese autoflower (royalseeds) is currently displaying some issues and some strange growth on the main Cola that I have never experienced before. She's a tall girl, taller than the rest of the canopy sitting around 40cm from the led light (I know that it's closer than recommended - 60cm...
  13. Auto Jack, Auto Bludream day30 , what's wrong with my plants?

    Auto Jack, Auto Bludream day30 , what's wrong with my plants?

    I always water my plants with pH adjusted water in 3-4 days I gave nutrients below the recommended dosage Why did the top leaves of my plants turn yellow? I searched a lot but couldn't understand exactly why it happened and what I should do I learned that I can fix brown spots by...
  14. First timer flowering update

    First timer flowering update

    what's up guys. Just thought I'd share a picture of current progress. I'm now halfway through week 4 of flowering. I've just upped my biobizz nute dosage today, hopefully the buds will begin to really take off soon. There's a lot of buds growing lower down, getting next to no light. Not sure...
  15. DevilDog_0651

    Add Training?

    Good Morning! So I flipped to 12/12 14 days ago and I am starting to see little budletts / lots of pistils forming. My plant is somewhat large, especially for me. I am growing in a shed in my back yard, and the temps range from 68 all the way up to about 92. Those temps will probably climb...
  16. K

    autoflower day 47 still stretching normal?

    hello guys its my first time growing auto plants so, i decide to make it DWC in a 3 Lt bottle. WHITE YODA AUTO - Semillas de Philosopher but, it still growing like 1" in 20 hrs. it's in 24hrs light. https://www.philosopherseeds.com/en/white-yoda-auto-p-126.html
  17. A

    Autos flowering time, genetics vs environment?

    Hello chaps!! I am a longtime photo grower who's thinking of transitioning into the world of autos (after a very disappointing first run quite a few years ago), I understand autos have come a long way since the days of the lowryder but I sitll have some doubts about their stability when it comes...
  18. AutoMania10

    Automania's DWC "Auto NYC Diesel" & "Girl Scout Cookies"

    Automania is in the building !!! I will be running "Barneys Farms Auto NYC Diesel" in DWC 12-16 gallon tote. I will give you guys a full run down once I get it up and started. Any knowledge is glady appreciated so sit back and roll one up. Feels good to be part of the Auto family
  19. Cannakisses

    Hows she looking

    This is my blueberry auto, she sprouted may24/5th. Shes a shorty as shes had alot of lst. Everytime I go to see her I'm more and more excited!! But in the 2 days I last seen her she packed on some bulk, so will she continue to bulk out? How does she look?