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forgotten cookies

  1. A Little Family Photo Time

    A Little Family Photo Time

    I just wanted to update the blog with some photos of the mother, and of the only female Tyrone Purps I got out of 9 seeds. I call her Auntie. The mother was the forgotten cookies. So really these babies are 3/4 mephisto genetics, 1/4 deep sea creature. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Oh...
  2. Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    mephisto genetics Forgotten Cookies. The mother of my breeding project. See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  3. Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Mother of my breeding project See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  4. cookies mama full shot

    cookies mama full shot

    She was as tall as me.. about 5 ft. VERY open, and thin fingered leaves.
  5. cookies mama main closeup

    cookies mama main closeup

    Mephisto Genetics - Forgotten Cookies Grown in potters Gold, Fed Sensi, and lit with a BloomBeast
  6. Groku

    New Grower Forgotten cookies, auto cobs and AN

    Hey everyone. I'm kind of new here. Anyways been lurking for quite some time and I really should have started this sooner. Here's a quick run down of what I'm using. Soil: sunshine mix #4 Nutes: AN on tangs easy schedule with the addition of recharge, voodoo, big bud(was free from the hydro...
  7. Only1Sky

    AVT, Forgotten Cookies, Tyrone Special (Sept '18 GOTY - Only1Sky)

    Hi Fellow Meph-Head Growers & Arm-chair Enthusiasts. Here's a little photo journal of my Mephisto entrants in the Sept 2018 Grow Battle Finals. We'll be running an Alien vs Triangle, a Forgotten Cookies and a Tyrone Special. My 1st time with each of these strains. The setup for Tyrone is...
  8. P

    First Kind Soil, Autopot, Autoflower Grow

    Whats up AFN family! I am new to the forum (been lurking but just recently signed up) and new to autos. I already started a photoperiod grow and it is about half way through the flowering stage at this point. I am currently growing in my shed. The shed is built with a wood frame and has been...
  9. Wawashell

    Wawashell runs BioTabs on Forgotten Cookies Against Cyco Platinum Forgotten Cookies All CoCo Grow in

    This will be a 5 Gal Coco Grow with BioTabs Forgotten Cookies against 3 Gal CoCo Grow Cyco Flower. In the 5 gal Forgotten Cookies Smart Pot I ran as per instructions with BioTabs. Really excited about this grow. Going against a 3 gal Smart Pot in coco with Cyco Platinum. I imagine Cyco will...