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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Day Neutral Flowering (DNF) of Autoflowering Cannabis

    I've been reading up on day neutral flowering (plants that have a flowering process that is not regulated by day length at all, but bloom when they are simply old enough to.) From what I've found, there is a specific gene (or gene protein) that controls this, DAY NEUTRAL FLOWERING (DNF), which...
  2. T


  3. Denzul

    Land race auto breeders?

    is Anyone familiar with auto breeds that work with landrace strains? I love autos but many of my favorite breeders work mainly with heavy hybrids. I was curious if this is even a thing And if so what are the breeders I should be looking into.
  4. DenzelFreegreen

    Favorite Auto Breeders?

    So I have always been pretty loyal to Mephisto but was thinking about trying out some new companies and was curious what some of your favorites are?
  5. A

    Autos flowering time, genetics vs environment?

    Hello chaps!! I am a longtime photo grower who's thinking of transitioning into the world of autos (after a very disappointing first run quite a few years ago), I understand autos have come a long way since the days of the lowryder but I sitll have some doubts about their stability when it comes...
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  7. Newtoautogrow

    Hermies in general

    Sup guys so I had 5 mobydick xxl and 2 went hermie on me and now a possible third... They seem happy out with no signs of stress.. My question is are there auto strains that are more likely to not turn hermie on me.. Ive done a few grows from Dutch passion and had no probs with hermie
  8. Strainly

    Protect your genetics

    IMPORTANT The Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) confirmed that they are willing to accept Hemp varieties under their Open Source Pledge! (Cannabis varieties will be considered upon federal legalization in the U.S.). If you have Hemp varietals you’d like to formally pledge as open source, wait...
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Oregon Elite Seeds!

    Hey everyone we want to announce and welcome the arrival of Oregon Elite Seeds, a USA-based seed bank that we've had the privilege of meeting person a few times at some cannabis expos this last year and had heard pretty positive feedback about from growers that have mentioned them in the past...
  10. Archaic

    Looking for some classics in Auto form

    So I wanted to ask you Poogs who your favorite breeders are for a few classic strains that everybody has a version of but as autoflowers: White Widow Northern Lights Critical OG or Bubba Kush Just looking for good genes to keep stocked up on.
  11. jeff wright

    Can you hermaphrodite a autoflower?

    Can you hermaphrodite a Autoflower? If so how is it done. How long would it take for the seeds to fully develop into usable seeds? Will the seeds that come off that be feminized? Will they be Autoflower? Or will they be photo.? @Waira @TheMongol if either of you know please chime in. Or tag some...
  12. D

    Ruderalis Indica breeding project

    so im trying to stabilize the auto flower gene in Sensi seeds ruderalis indica so that I can use it in future breeding projects. Sensi estimates only 50% of the seedlings to show the auto gene dominantly, but all seedlings should be carriers. The seeds are not feminized so there is a chance of...
  13. J

    The New Era of Autoflowers - need advice

    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've visited here. I signed up again to get some advice of you people out there. Let's start off with some things about myself, just to get to know each other some better. You could skip this part if you're more interested in the title. - 26 years old and...
  14. Son of Hobbes

    Bomb Seeds Introduction

    AFN would like to formally announce that @BombSeeds has joined AFN for a 6 month Live Vendor trial! Watch this space for more information!
  15. GCase

    Article Wired: Sorry, But the Names for Weed Strains Are Kinda Meaningless

    http://www.wired.com/2015/08/sorry-names-weed-strains-kinda-meaningless/ So, my brother was like “Bro check out this Blueberry Kush,” and I was like, kind of sketched out because last week my cousin was like “Bro check out this Blueberry Kush,” and even then I was like “This Blueberry Kush...