genius pipe

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  1. Son of Hobbes

    SoH's Wife Steals His Genius Pipe

    We've had this pipe now for a few weeks and I figured it would be a proper time to give a proper journal and review now that I have a few minutes! For starters, let me precursor this, I am not a pipe guy. I actually hate smoking out of pipes. I prefer water pieces for the filtering/cooling...
  2. pop22

    Pop22's Smokin'! A Genius Pipe that is!

    Received my Genius Pipe about a week ago, but I've been too sick with a cold to use it, so left it un-opened till today. It came in a plain white, bubble padded envelope, with a standard Priority Mail label and that's all. Nice plain, packaging! The pipe comes in a nice, black box, lined with...
  3. Ripper

    This pipe is Genius

    got mine in the mail here is the unboxing
  4. wwwillie

    WWWillie is a genius!

    wwwillie submitted a new Showcase Item: Wwwillie Is A Genius! Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. Rebel

    Rebel Tests Genius Pipe for CannaZone

    Hey buds! I've been honored by Genius Pipe to test their incredible new Genius Pipe!! Here's the unboxing! Included in the package was a pamphlet and a very nice decorative box! Inside the box was the killer Genius Pipe! And the Genius Stone for smoking concentrates! On to the picture show...
  6. sniper

    sniper test the genius pipe

    Got my genius pipe in the mail This pipe is really nice It hits pretty smooth even with big hits Give me a couple days of testing ;) and I'll get back to you guys :pass: