gold glue

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  1. CoviklaFlaire

    LaFlaire's casserole of strains

    I'm starting this journal from half because this grow start pretty fault,so Much That I tout it will be complete fail.. Smart people stick with thing's that work and Idiots like me always tweak something.. This time I decided (God knows why) to sprout my germinated seed in rockwool cubes, and I...
  2. Ribbzzy

    many strains, ongoing

    Back after the Ribbz family holiday, batteries recharged and ready to grow. A White Crack and Grapey Walter were dropped Sat morning, both popped their heads up today, though you'll have to take my word for it, I've got no pic's yet. Set up is the usual shebang. I've gotta show some love to...
  3. Wawashell

    WawaShell’s Meph. Gen. IlluminAuto Grow(s)

    Well Back From Hibernation! :smoking: 24x48x60 Grow Tent (upgrade from make shift tent) 600 watt Kings LED 2 Circulation Fans Mix 3 gal and 5 gal pots and bags Roots Organic Orig. Soil Perlite Bone meal Blood meal Mephisto Genetics IlluminAuto #21 Sour Crinkle x4 Might add 1 or 2 Gold Glues...
  4. Black Hat Genetics

    Gold Glue Run (my first Mephisto strain)

    I've been doing a grow diary on this strain at but figured I would talk about it here as well, as a new member of AFN and a new Meph_Head. Grow Space: 4x4x6ft tent 2000w (425 true wattage) King LED 8in charcoal filter and...
  5. JonnyBravo420

    Maxing out on Mephisto 5 strains, I GOTY winner in sight

    Welcome all to my offical first grow journal on AFN. I have ran a test of the Mephisto gear and was most impressed with the results. But I know on to the details of this adventure and how it will depart into the unknown for a shot at the 2017 Grower of the Year comp (you should make your way...
  6. Rhubarb Pi

    Rhubarb's Grape Pi: a Mephisto & AutoCOB grow

    GREETINGS AFN It is time. The various marks are in their places & the Grape horsemen from many moons ago return to bring their fruit upon this fragile terra. RHUBARB'S GRAPE PI (#2) PHASE A 2 - 5 Gal. Air Pots Batch 64 Moonshine Mix (Coco + bionutes) Mammoth P Microbials 3x3 Grow Tent 220w...
  7. mephisto

    Mephisto records, strain results and tips!

    Hey guys, just thought we could start a collaborative thread. a simple format, strain, grow method, size/height, yield, harvest day, any hints or tips, and general impression of your Mephisto grow. would be nice to keep track and interpret this data, it's really valuable for us and others to...