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green crack

  1. MissUniverse

    Fast Flowering Green Crack Bonsai Mother and Clone Run

    Light: 1x Mars Hydro 300 new series (in 2x2x3 clone/mother tdnt) Grow Space: 24*24*36inch tent (clone/flowers) Container: 1gallon airpot(bonsai mother), whatever for clones Seeds: Fast Flowering Green Crack by HSO Nutrients: General Hydroponics Maxitwo step ( MaxiGro MaxiBloom) Xtreme gardening...
  2. Forestlander

    HSO Photoperiod Strains mix - Outdoor 2019

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen! The garden you see below contains a mix of 8 strains: 1.Blue Dream (3plants) 2.Green Crack(4plants) 3.Chemdawg(3plants) 4.Black Dog (2plants) 5.Lemon Garlic Og (3plants) 6.707 Headband (2plants) 7.OGKZ (3plants) 8.Sugar Breath (3plants) Just zoom on the first...
  3. G

    Autopots green crack photo

    Trying autopots in coco for the first time here is the set up.
  4. Mañ'O'Green

    Green Crack, Chems Sister

    Fast Buds Green Crack Auto, Heavyweight Short and Sweet Auto Failed germination and New420Guy Chems Sister Auto. I am done with Heavyweight I germinated a Zambeza Blueberry Auto to replace the failed seeds.
  5. D

    New grower, from Philly area, need help with nutes

    Hey guys, Ive been reading the forums for a couple of months now and I finally decided to sign up. I’m a total newb when it comes to growing. I got some Gorilla Glue and some Green Crack Auto’s from Fast Buds, and Seedsman threw in some Auto Kush because I like free stuff, and they’re nice like...
  6. E

    Info on the Almach?

    Hey AFN familia! I'm looking for more info on the Almach. Couldn't find much at all over at the Portal. And not much here either, except @Prophetiko 's journal. Anyone have any pointers? Looking for potential auto regs on the sativa side. I really enjoying FB Green Crack a while back. My kind...
  7. Auto melt

    Auto melts 4 strain grow

    Hello everyone, first time I’m running Mephisto Genetics as I’m happy with the selection of genetics and the great pics and feedback from other. Things are a little messy as I haven’t cleaned up after the last chop. All plants 2nd day from germination Day time temperature 25 too 32 Humidity 40...
  8. Jimmyclone

    Fastbuds Green Crack, DIY Cobs, and Jimmy

    Hello everyone Next run under the cobs will be fastbuds green crack.. So lets get to it, Lights are diy cobs spread across 2 panels 16x vero 29s mixing 2 spectrums 12x 3500k 80cri and 4x 2700k 90cri Giving the reflectors a shot this time, had great success last run without...
  9. E

    Maria's Spring Madness: SS Jack 47, Mandarin XL, Dark Devil, FB Green Crack, G14, C-4, DP AutoMazar

    Dear AFN amigos and amigas! The time has come to start Maria's Spring Madness Auto Grow - it's going to be a lot of fun! The Seeds / Strains: All auto strains (my photos are in other grow journals in the Outdoor forum, see my signature line), ordered through Seed City. I'm just doing 1 plant...
  10. Mañ'O'Green

    Mañ'O'Green's New grow room.

    Ok so I am building a new grow space. The area is dictated by the space in the spare room that is not used for exercise equipment, bookcases, and shelving for pantry items. My wife and I have lots of stuff and we use it regularly so it has to stay. I spent a lot of time in Visio trying different...
  11. K

    Kakarot's Multi-Strain Photo-Period Thriller

    Captains Bong-12/20/16- Well fellars Pot Pros is messed up for me I cannot post anything just keep getting a Server Error so just gonna start journal here,this is a run down of what we have. This is a Photo-Period grow, strains,breeders,pot's etc. are as followed- 1)Dutch Passion- GlueBerry O.G...
  12. TheWeekendGrower

    1st time growing, have some questions

    This will be my 1st time growing autos I have grown a couple plants outside but never inside till now! OK so the room I will be growing in is 4 ft by 5 ft by 7 ft. The pots I will be growing in are 18 gallon totes that hold 2.5cf of soil. For my soil I will be using promix organic with added...
  13. G

    Gurner's P450 light mix n tricks

    Nutrients are AN sensi with a few of their additive's the strain is a fastbuds/dutch passion green crack-nightqueen cross
  14. Dr. Babnik

    Doc is growing Green Crack

    My thread was started in the wrong FB subforum...moving my posts here. Dear all. Due to a drastic change in circumstances, Dr. Babnik is delayed. I finally got a job. However, I work at an island in the middle of the ocean and only visit home 36 hrs in the weekend. Her Ladyship has killed a...
  15. Dr. Babnik

    Dr. Babnik Growing Green Crack

    Dear all. Due to a drastic change in circumstances, Dr. Babnik is delayed. I finally got a job. However, I work at an island in the middle of the ocean and only visit home 36 hrs in the weekend. Her Ladyship has killed a substancial number of my plants, only the few she did not touch has...
  16. Frankthetank

    Green Crack!!

    SeedBank : Fastbuds Strain: Green Crack Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/hydro: DWC Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Sensi, Carbo Load, Overdrive, S.O.S. Light (kind and schedule): Mars Hydro II 1200....24/0 From seed to harvest date:72 days Dry Yield: 103 g High/Effect Duration...
  17. densemob

    Kindsoil Grow Journal featuring Mephisto and FastBuds by densemob

    Hey all, here's my Kindsoil journal Soil I'm growing in Kindsoil w/ Roots' Organics, Dr. Earth Homegrown potting soil, and Coast of Maine Stonington blend Water Walmart distilled Containers Three 3gal airpots and One 5 gal fabric pot One 3gal airpot is amended/topped with Roots' Organics only...
  18. P J

    Most Potent non-medical auto strain?

    I have already chosen green crack and six shooter, any idea on third most potent non-medical auto strain? Thank you all for your help and concern.
  19. iampepe

    I get high on speed... Blackberry and Green Crack

    When I get high, I get high on speed... The FastBuds way FastBuds and the Crue rocking up this place today, the old Carver amp is a bit warm shaking the shit out of this old house while I work with my ladies today. I love living in the countryside doing what I want, when I want and as loud as...