• Is sex pre-determined in regular (non-feminized) cannabis seeds? Give us your opinions and thoughts on the subject!

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  1. midIN

    The Sour 60

    So I have here a 48 day old Sour 60 auto fem reg. Breeder-- New 420 Guys Seed Bank, USA. Soil- Roots Organic blend 2 gallon grab bag Auto Cob 3500k Cobshop.net MegaCrop-- 2g/gal She's supposed to be finished in 60 days +/- a few. Mega start to finish only.few pics from start to date. Day 16...
  2. VitaMan

    First Journal: Barney's Pineapple Express (Auto Pineapple Chunk)

    OK- here goes, my first live grow journal! Seeds: 2x Barney's Farm Pineapple Express Auto. To avoid confusion, this as an indica based on Pineapple Chunk https://www.barneysfarm.com/pineapple-express-auto-37 Lights: PowerBloom LED, 210w actual draw Soil...
  3. Clack-Kent

    Whats good AFN

    Just what to say what up to all:pass: , Im not new, just a new name i've been around a long time this is a great place and il always call it home thanks for having me...again lol im headed over to the photo section im running photo this round but love my auto's:thumbsup: