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grow journal

  1. M

    First auto grow!

    So i am new to the afn and this is my 2nd post, but im just posting on how the grows going. Currently at day 58 from seed, light is set 20 in above and is 400w hps ipower growlight at 100% 20/4, temp ranges from 73~85. Grown in foxfarm happyfrog soil with 4 ltr smartpots, suppose to be small, my...
  2. Natsu

    New Grower Second half, first grow.

    Hey, this is my first grow, i'm growing 3 Afghani Kush and 1 Purple Widow They are 28 days above ground, with the smaller one being 21 days above ground. I'm using Humboldt's Secret nutrients, Base A& B, Golden Tree, Sweet& Sticky and Flower Stacker. The soil is Gia Green Living Soil +15%...
  3. L

    Blue Dreamatic balcony grow - first journal

    Hi guys, I recently started my second balcony grow; I grew a NL x BigBud last year but it was purely out of curiosity. It was with all purpose soil, no nutes and no ph control whatsoever; it yielded a mere 3g which was unsuprising. This time round I brought the good stuff home, living in...
  4. Puffingpat

    Cosmic queen sour hound and SODK

    Cosmic queen in 5 gallon smartphone with Mephisto supersoil amendments Took 48 hours to germinate and 24 to break the soil. Also have SODK in 5 gal and sour hound in a 3 gallon. All with mephisto super soil amendment in bottom half of pots.
  5. Noons

    Multi strain, led, amended soil sog tent

    Hi from down under, all! I have been a member for a few months and have learned a lot from you so far. I have just started my second grow and will be running a journal to share my progress. This is my second grow, my first was a photo dwc og that turned out great. However with a lot of help...
  6. Scirzo

    Pictures of pride, an introduction of a noob

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself and show my first grow at the same time. I'm so proud of how it went so far! I'm almost at harvest time, but I'll post updates in this thread and will post the growth up until now. I realized I shouldn't post a grow journal in this section. It can...
  7. IceWater421

    Cob Light Grow/Harvest Reports

    Hey AFN :d5: I'm looking for reviews and grow journals on cob lights . Especially ones that you have gotten from are on site cob master @BigSm0 im going to be placing an order with him for either 2-4 cobs for my 3x3 or might possibly purchase a 4x4 . If I only purchase two to start I will be...
  8. NebulaNuggets

    My first Mephistos

    Greetings! Thought I'd introduce myself over here, seeing as I am getting into my first experience with autos and have some awesome genetics on the way shortly I presume! I got the payment option and sent the gift yesterday, awaiting response from Mephisto. Going to get some soil and nutes for...
  9. Kahdboahd Growah.

    First Time Growing Journal

    Hello everybody! First time growing and I'm just kinda winging it. Any advice would be helpfull. So far my plants are about 1 1/2" tall on the 6th day. I've been watering daily small amounts. My water is .000 ppm my tent runs about 84° 34% I'm not sure what my seeds are. I'll be posting...
  10. Kahdboahd Growah.

    Hey AFN folk, total newbie first grow.

    Hello Everyone, boys and girls! I am totally new to the whole growing scene, been a smoker for quite some time. I'm from Maine, which I'm sure most of you know Marijuana became legal this year!:chimp: So in which case as others I'm sure I decided to try to grow. I don't have an endless...
  11. Burr_nit

    Burr_Nit's - Haze CBD+ RoadRunner#2

    Finally starting my first grow!!!! And of course a journal to go along with it! Super excited to get started and get some input and help a long the way! So here's the overview.. Tent: 2x4x6 Light: Viparspectra 450W LED on 20/4 (Adding four CFLS 6500k for veg period, 2700k for bloom period.)...
  12. TehSnow

    TehSnow's 2nd Grow, Critical + 2.0 Auto

    Hello and welcome to my second (indoor) autoflower grow. I'll try to document my grow of Dinafem's Critical + 2.0 autoflower strain that I picked up at their booth at Cannafest Prague 2016, 5 seeds for the price of 3 <3. I'm going with pretty much the same specs as before: Seed bank: Dinafem...
  13. OceanDriveKush


    Thanks for stopping by. I'm a young guy with big dreams. I've been researching and wanting to grow for almost ten years. I'm in my mid 20's now so it's now or never. I've grown a few photos but due to certain circumstances I had to throw them out before flower. But now.... Seeds Mephisto...
  14. pnw_lifted

    Advan Jack herer/ 00 seeds northern lights grow journal

    Here we go. Grow 4 1st in Portland. Rushed getting dirt to get seeds in the ground. And didn't use perlite. But I have some advanced seeds jack herer and 00 seeds northern lights which by far have been easiest and most tolerable strains these were extras next is blue berry domina and some...
  15. BigSm0

    Amare se-450, hubbabubba and big sm0

    Hello again guys, gals and Victor. Doing a strain I have been dying to run for ages. The all mighty hubbabubbasmellascope by mephisto. Lighting- 3 Amare technologies se-450's Maybe some side lighting if they get out of control. A new bar I just built. 7' long and holds 6 Cree cobs. Soil-...
  16. RYCBAR

    Dr Who's Auto flower Grow Guide

    Auto flower Grow Guide Seedling Stage: 3 or 5 Gallon Pots: Fox Farm Ocean Forest 75% & 25% Perlite Mix. Weight Pots When Dry & Saturated ( write these down ) Flush New Soil before planting seed directly into the soilless mix. Seedlings generally take 3-4 days to sprout – place dry...
  17. Dr. Babnik

    Dr. Babniks Botanical Garden - My AFN News Journal

    Hello and welcome, my friends and AFN family! I decided to keep everything in one thead. It takes too much time both for me to update one thread for each strain and for those interested followers to look up 3-4 threads. The individual grow logs in progress will continue here, with reference to...
  18. pnw_lifted

    Blue berry domina grow +1 white widow

    Hey guys this will be my first grow journal on this site. Never posted online before. I've done about 6 auto grows mainly white widow and did 2 dark devil grows...and a train wreck grow all came out better then expected. Haven't seen any blue berry domina auto grows so seeds went into the zip...
  19. marleyoneluv


    Going to be growing Dinafem's OG Kush Auto and World Of Seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud. Stay posted i'll be trying to make this my fullest journal. I have been off toying around with photoperiods and come across a wonderful nutrient line from my area called Nectar For The Gods. After much...
  20. Thursty

    Auto blue diesel , Mars Hydro Led Reflector, light soil mix and Fox farms happy frog

    This is my very first time growing. It's a strain from AS called auto blue diey sel, which is a cross of auto bio diesel mass and auto blueberry. I used a light soil mix in the middle of my pot to start the seed and have fox farms surrounding it for the roots to grow into. I have given it no...