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grow lights

  1. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Forever Green Indoors!

    Hey everyone we'd like to welcome the company Forever Green Indoors to the Autoflower Network! https://forevergreenindoors.com/ Forever Green Indoors provides lighting solutions for both commercial and the home growing horticultural markets and wanted to show their products off and help...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Invisible Sun LED!

    Hey everyone we'd like to welcome the company Invisible Sun LED to the Autoflower Network! https://invisiblesunled.co.uk/ Invisible Sun LED provides lighting solutions for the horticulture industry and wanted to show their products off and help educate our growers on what's out there for...
  3. Tyler_Durden88

    COB LED Lights?

    Im looking into buying another light to add to my 4x4x80 tent for more coverage. right now i have 3 300w Full spectrum Roledo LED panel lights and they have worked very well thus far. After doing some research i see that COB LED has come a long way and it might be the best choice for my...
  4. O

    HID & LED combo setup

    Hey there! I've been growing outdoor for a while and going to get my first indoor setup soon. I am pretty certain i want to use a combo setup as i believe both technologies have a lot to offer. I'm going to get a 2x4x5 tent and I'm getting 2xMars Hydro Refletcor 48 and then.. would 250w HID...
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Mars Hydro - Welcome Back & Contact Information

    Mars Hydro We'd like to extend a warm welcome back to Mars Hydro, one of the first LED companies to help kick off our product testing on AFN years ago! Mars took a break from the site and recently inquired about coming back; further, when they had left we had a good number of their...
  6. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Black Dog LED - Live Testing Beginning

    We'd like to formally welcome @Black Dog LED (https://www.blackdogled.com) for joining the Autoflower Network's Live Vendor Program! Black Dog has generously donated the biggest panel they currently offer, their PhytoMax 1000, and we're putting it in the hands of one of our fantastic testers...
  7. E

    Mars Hydro from AliExpress?

    Hey there Mars Hydro people -- @MarshydroTina I'm thinking about LED lights. Most of the info for AFN is for North America or Europe. I'm somewhere else.... :vibe: So I was checking out Amazon, blah blah blah, but shipping and stuff expensive. Then I checked out AliExpress...
  8. Son of Hobbes

    Meet the Kind LED Testing Team!

    Hey guys, we're just starting to get the wheels in motion here for the Kind LED Grow Lights Live Vendor trial! We have two testers from our CannaZone Testing Group, @Rebel and @stepside , so let's give these fellas a big hand for testing and a thank you to Kind LED for giving us the opportunity...