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growing autoflowers led

  1. W

    How many autoflowers under led in 70cm x 70 cm?

    Hey, I'm new here and would like you guys with experience with auto's in coco to send me in the right direction. Can someone please advice me on how many auto plants i should put in 70cm x 70 cm tent and what size pots to use? I'm planning my very first grow in a cocos-perlite mix in fabric...
  2. Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, Starting Flower, Great Canopy

    Double Grape week 4, day 32 to be exact. The canopy is looking great. I am done with lst by bending tops. Letting all tops grow vertical. Still plan on lst but just by spreading shoots out creating plenty of room and airflow for each bud site.
  3. Professor Autoflower

    Topping Mephisto Double Grape at Day 15

    Professor Autoflower - Double Grape https://www.theweedtube.com/video/how-to-top-autoflowers-topping-mephisto-double-grape-autoflower-at-day-15-109361