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growing autos

  1. Double Grape day 25, amazing growth, great lst

    Double Grape day 25, amazing growth, great lst

    this has been an incredible Autoflower to grow and it’s only day 25. Wow! Started giving nutes on day 23 because noticed a little yellowing. Gave FF Big Bloom and Grow Big. Have been training over the past 5 days and new shoots are popping out everywhere. Check out my training on The...
  2. Professor Autoflower

    Topping Mephisto Double Grape at Day 15

    Professor Autoflower - Double Grape https://www.theweedtube.com/video/how-to-top-autoflowers-topping-mephisto-double-grape-autoflower-at-day-15-109361
  3. Double Grape - Mephisto, first Grow Journal on AFN | Professor Autoflower

    Double Grape - Mephisto, first Grow Journal on AFN | Professor Autoflower

    Professor Autoflower Grows - Double Grape Autoflower
  4. OG-GeMann

    sohum soil for autoflowers

    I have been doing some research on what soil is good for auto flowers because I am on my 3rd auto grow and all tree of them shows the same nutrient deficiency in all 3 grows. My personal opinion is that autos and their short VEG to FLOWER stage has a lot to do with it. "The soil is to hot" is...
  5. EnvyForJ

    Various Proposed Experiments to Induce Mutagenisis in Cannabis

    Mutagenesis is the process of inducing mutations in the genetic code. This can be done using many different methods but is a tool the average breeder has no access to. Breeders could want to use methods of inducing mutagenesis for various purposes such as creating new breeds of plants: such as...
  6. GoAuto6

    Terrestrial Bean Co Dragon's The Next Generation

    With the dawn of the Bean Company and the new building comes a new thread for 2015's new creations.And the classics!