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  1. T

    My first auto run in 1 month. Laying out a plan. Advise appreciated.

    Lights: t5 fluorescent, 1000w MH, 1000w HPS Growing space: Tent 5' by 5' by 2m long First off, thanks to anybody that helped me on this forum. You guys have been amazing and I've learned so much from everybody here. As it stands, this is the info I have: I'm going to start in 3G plastic pots...
  2. Alice420

    Day 30 auto with lst, first auto plant

    Hi guys, Still a new grower here. Thought I'd show off my auto day 30 and any feedback and comments will be appreciated. Is this a good size for her at this point? Is the Lst fine or to crowded? As I have never grown autos before. Thanks! ALICE420
  3. Gonnagrowmore

    I did it, 75% fan leaf strip. They did not like it

    So I recorded it and put it in my YouTube room. GrowZone1 Uk It was Lucius green growth, looks like shit now. Will update in a few days with a recovery or death vid. Haha Come see the mess I made of this beautiful mix strain canopy. That’s no longer an equal canopy strangely enough
  4. Savin53

    My adventures with Malana Bomb :)

    So this is my second time growing and I’m doing it again with Malana Bomb. All other 5 seeds bit the dust but my Lilly (Named her :) was the lone survivor. She’s on day 5 and so far so good!
  5. Savin53

    Is she gonna make it? Day 3

    So this little girl comes from a seedling that was 5 years old. I had a problem with her because once she popped from the soil her root came up when I was watering her. I replanted and prayed she’d live. It’s now day 3 and I was worried about her drooling leaves and that tad bit of black one her...
  6. CannaGrow Expo

    The 7th CannaGrow Expo is rapidly approaching!

    Hello, Autoflower community! We have a fantastic event taking place on May 19 +20 in Palm Springs, CA, and we wanted to personally invite the Autoflower community to attend. The CannaGrow Expo is a two-day educational expo dedicated to the art & science of growing cannabis. There will be 100+...
  7. icmoon

    Newbie starting to grow medicinal weed.

    Hiya, All you great people. I've arrived here because I was looking at the American site with the same name. I had no idea 3 months ago that growing weed was so popular!.....I love it, everyones doing it, wow! I intent to grow mine for medicinal use but not smoked. Ok. I'm a complete novice...
  8. iWumbo

    Fem hermie?

    Hello , my question would making seeds from a feminized plant with a reg male produce an unstable hermie batch of offspring?
  9. stillSmokin420

    Do i need more lights?

    ok this is my 1st grow and im doing it big! HAHA im using my extra bed room L=13ft W=15ft H=10ft i got 50 airpots im gonna pop 50 fem autos from attitude seed. im gonna put 50 pots int he middle of room like the picture....the 50 pots only take up 8x8 i have 2 1000w hps lights is that enough for...

    Second Balcony grow. Auto Ultimate, Blueberry Berry

    Season is starting so i popped my beans 4 days ago.Planted them a set them to 24 cycle in my "prep room". Three beans of Auto ultimate by Dutch Passion. Three beans of Blueberry Berry by Bulk Seed Bank Soil Plagron grow mix Grandma's homemade bio compost Perlite Nutrients General Organics...
  11. richykn

    Have i missed anything ??

    I'm going to start my grow at the end of the month and after asking a couple questions on here and taking a look at other posts I have finally devised a grow schedule , I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can as this is my first go at growing . Firstly my grow space is a walk in closet that...