1. Mossy

    Hairyman Presents Mars Hydro sp250

    @hairyman Presents the #marshydro sp250 I will be joining this later :thumbsup: ,,,so get the kettle on and stock up with tea bags :pighug: Won't matter if it ends up a male will it ? #BlackBerryPie SugarBaker x BlackBerrygum named by @Jraven BlackberryPie Reporting for duty Archie ,,,,so...
  2. E Grower

    E growers Dinafem Cookie Stash

    Here we go with my very first photo period grow and my very first Dinafem seeds grow. Here are my seed drop photos. Wish me luck everyone!
  3. hairyman

    SP250 Test & Review

    Week 1::toke:
  4. midIN

    GH expert DWC feed schedule?

    Looking for a nute schedule for the general hydroponics recirculating feed schedule. I'm using everything they offer for the Flora series, plus hydroguard for my tote. It's 6gals to start with til roots are established good. I will be running the bubbatrouble-- from magic. Which I have been told...
  5. midIN

    leaf points?

    So I have a Carmel cream auto fem she's almost 5 weeks veg, but has been showing leaves with 10-12 points on them curious if this is typical for autos, or is the usual 3-5,7 points the normal, wasn't in the original breeder pack when I got it,was a order freebie, still going to finish her out...
  6. midIN

    CO2 what works??

    So looking for some insight into what kinda co2 really works in a tent. ProCO2 buckets? Homemade Co2 makers? Is a high dollar Co2 machine only one? Bags of Exhale really worth it? Do the bags,tubs, and buckets really work for a a whole grow run? If so how much would one need to do a 2x4x5'...
  7. midIN


    To the point I'm wanting to either build or buy cob lights. For veg only? For bloom only? Or full spectrum? Can anyone maybe help me with this? I want some that can either be linked together or least do a 2x4x54 inch tent. thanks again
  8. midIN

    San Tri Bajo auto fem

    I have a San Tri Bajo auto fem from Barney's farm that I have start it's currently starting to pop out of it's rapid rooter. Almost 1-1/2" tall from seed to now 3 days. I uses the Ronin germ method/paper towel. I used the wifi router as a heat pad. Which I will do for now on it's amazing...
  9. midIN

    first Royal Queen Quick One auto fem

    Here's a link to my journal. Thanks for checking it out if you. Will keep it updated as she shows me what she's been up to. Also I will be starting a journal entry for my San Tri Bajo. Right now...