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harvest day

  1. Harvest

    Completed Harvest

    She is harvested on advice today. Since I am not a fan of couch lock, I can say that it ended at a good point. Also, if I think about with some small buds I trimmed from the front, it seems like it gave a nice yield compared to the pot size. I hope it doesn't dry out early because of...
  2. L

    Ready or not?

    Do you guys think these are ready to be harvested or should I wait still? I would appreciate any help/ tips to achieving a wonderful cure. Wishing you all a wonderful day.
  3. IMG_3764.JPG


    This is the same bud as the previous CDFC photo. I did a complete trim before i took this one, and you can see the bud color a little better now. It always amazes me once im done trimming them, what the flowers look like without all those leaves. She did have a TON of leaves, and took 4ever to trim.
  4. Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    just delicious. I only had one of her. the other 2 didn't grow. but boy oh boy was that one plant worth the price of the pack. it really tasted like chocolate. this is an overhead closeup of a pre-defoliated top.
  5. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Beary White Man Bear Strain

    This strain is STRONG. and i do mean STRONG. It had me eating everything in the house the first couple of days i was smoking it. Typical Mephisto structure, that I pulled to the side with a little LST and ended up with 6 mains instead of 1. Buds were dense, but not the densest. She fluffed up...
  6. cookies mama side cola

    cookies mama side cola

    SO pretty. no colors on the side, though. it almost looks like a different plant, huh?
  7. cookies mama full shot

    cookies mama full shot

    She was as tall as me.. about 5 ft. VERY open, and thin fingered leaves.
  8. BWMB_11_19-5875.jpg


    closeup of top dried, but before cure. Looks like i just tried to press together some kief, and make it look like a bud. I SWEAR theres calyx in there.
  9. BWMB_11_19-5845.jpg


    Bear White Man Bear top view.
  10. BWMB_11_19-5843.jpg


  11. Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    such a pretty sparkle. I'm out of these seeds. I wish i had more:(
  12. Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    closeup of one of the taller colas. it was pretty even all across the canopy. Gorgeous colors, and stunk to high heaven, too. Made the hallway smell, even.
  13. Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    The branches bent down facing the ground unless I h ad her supported with pipe cleaners and bamboo. She was almost as tall as me, and even though I'm short, im still 5 ft tall.
  14. Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    this is pre-fan removal, as wide as I coudl get it and still get some definition to the buds Mephisto is hands down my favorite breeder.
  15. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Beary White x Man Bear - AMAZING !

    Got this as a freebie with my last order, and BOY was she something else! I grew her with Sensi, in potters gold, and under some BRAND NEW Quantum boards. I was very pleased with how she turned out.She was a little on the shorter side, and I though at first she wasn't going to be such a...
  16. 3 Bears OG Body Shot

    3 Bears OG Body Shot

    she was so DENSE, I had to tie her to the ceiling so she didnt break her branches. even then some still snapped. And that's only a 2 gallon pot!
  17. 3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    Such a pretty shot. this one went on my wall. Only the BEST make it on the wall.
  18. 3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    my GOODNESS look at those crystals!
  19. Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    I almost couldnt stop taking photos of her.
  20. Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    this was the central cola. Even though she was tiny, she still took some of the best photos out of all my autos that round