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  1. Harvest

    Completed Harvest

    She is harvested on advice today. Since I am not a fan of couch lock, I can say that it ended at a good point. Also, if I think about with some small buds I trimmed from the front, it seems like it gave a nice yield compared to the pot size. I hope it doesn't dry out early because of...
  2. C

    First grow, is it time to harvest????

    Currently we are almost 9 weeks in on growing our first auto flower strain(Critical Purple). 61 days, the strain says typical grow time is 70 to 80 days. We have a 30x magnification on order to see the trichomes better and should be here in a few days but we want to make sure we harvest at the...
  3. P

    Harvest now or wait? Too many clear trics but plant is degrading?

    Well, I am ready to chop! However, I am not sure my plants agree . . . I am fine with being patient; just concerned I might chop too late. This is my first grow ever. Here's the situation: 3 auto plants in 3 gallon fabric pots (Northern Lights, Gelato OG, Blue Dream) Mars Hydro TS1000. 20"...
  4. L

    Ready or not?

    Do you guys think these are ready to be harvested or should I wait still? I would appreciate any help/ tips to achieving a wonderful cure. Wishing you all a wonderful day.
  5. S

    Can I go for it? White widow first time growo

    I started these auto white widow the beginning of Dec., they’re still not showing much amber... Is it time to pull the plug and just go for it? I wanted to go for a little more sedative... The last three of the full plants are from a couple nights ago. This is my first grow, so go easy on me...
  6. J

    First time growing, ready for harvest ?

    My first time growing. i have three strains up and going magnum auto, pinapple express and gelato. i had a lot of problems during the first few weeks, like temperature controll (way to hot) and low humidity and air curculation as well as not adjusting ph when watering so i gave them 8.4 tap...
  7. M

    Big bud autos ready?

    I've been watching my 1 plant for a few days, pistils turned a week or so ago. It's currently 8 weeks 6 days in and roughly 26 days into flower. I can't find accurate seed to flower times on the site I ordered them but I'm pretty sure I'm on the home stretch. Can't see many Amber triches yet...
  8. A

    Ready for harvest? First grow and looking for opinions/insight!

    F65 White Widow Auto, don’t mind the late bloomer in the back there! thank you guys very much.
  9. Boveda

    ANOTHER Boveda Sample Giveaway NOW ENDED. Stay tuned for another!!

    Hi friends!! Boveda is doing another round of sample giveaways! This one comes with one of each size other than the largest. In other rounds, people could get more than one sample. This one is for newbies so if you’ve never gotten free samples from us, now’s your time...
  10. Carecrab

    Harvest within a week?

    Good morning boys and girls! First grower here, I'm close to harvesting my first plant ever but I have a hard time to see how much more I'll let it flower. Mostly of the pistils have turned orange and curled inwards. Except for the lower ones, it's pretty tight inside my tent so it's hard to...
  11. Hemposapien

    How do you properly harvest & store pollen for future use?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. I was just wondering how to properly harvest and store pollen that's also mixed with flour for future use? And how long does it last for? How should I store it? Happy growing!
  12. J

    Readiness of these Lemon Autos.

    What’s people’s thoughts regarding chopping these in the morning. There are two of them and the pictures are of buds to help you, help me asses their ripeness for plucking. I’ve been in the backgroud here for years but I’ve just made an account. Honestly, you guys are f?!$ing awesome! <3
  13. Denzul

    Denzul's Harvest Reviews

    Reviews of some of the different strains I've grown over the years. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Forgotten Cookies Breeder: mephisto Yield : 58g Review : some of the best best stuff I've grown. Absolutely beautiful buds. Smell that could clear a room...
  14. Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Completed Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    This is a strain i have held onto for a long time. I wasn't sure the seed woould pop, but i managed to get it out of its shell with a little soaking and some surgery. She's going a lot better now, so lets put her in the blog and see how she does, shall we? here's a few closeups of the one I grew...


  16. defoliated Glue Breath

    defoliated Glue Breath

    this is #2, after all the leaves were taken off. You can tall, she puts a LOT LOT LOT of effort into her foliage. more in flower than in veg. She still confuses me sometimes, years into growing her.
  17. colorful Glue Breath

    colorful Glue Breath

    I was so surprised the first time i saw this color. She's only done it twice. Both times this past year. I had her for several before it got cold enough for her to color like that.
  18. glue breath 2 cola 4

    glue breath 2 cola 4

    she doesn't throw out a main at ALL. Every single branch that can get up to the level of the others, stays there, and grows a FAT, white flower that slowly swallows all the dark green around it till there's nothing visible but white within it.
  19. glue breath 2 again

    glue breath 2 again

    #2, pre-defoliation. You can see the clear difference between how dark the leaves are and how white the buds are, in this one. MAN i hope one of my 3 seeds pops out another one like her! or even better, a male that matches her profile!