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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Boveda

    How Goes Harvest? Are you using humidity control?

    Hi friends! As someone who's bud tends to dry too quickly, I do see the benefit of humidity control regardless of my affiliations with one of the manufacturers. I also believe that cannabinoid biosynthesis happens better and more completely when proper humidity is present. While visiting some...
  2. Bud Marley

    Outdoor Harvest Time Questions

    Hey guys, First time grower here with a couple of questions about when to harvest my autoflower. I'm sure this type of question gets asked often. I am growing Krippleberry Auto outdoors in a 7 litre pot. Planted with compost and kraal manure. No nutrients added with exception of occasional...
  3. Autoireland

    Bud rot harvest early??

    First 3 pictures was when I found the bud rot and removed theses infected buds this was 4 days ago. The rest of the images are from today my question is should I harvest now? it’s at day 89 and unfortunately I’m not with the plant to check tri’s. It looks like there is more budrot on the way...
  4. S

    Harvest or no

    so like most I love to grow indoor and outdoor not to good with when to harvest this auto to first time growing autos got some Zkittlez auto going they are on day 89 I check trichomes with a scope and still can’t tell cause it’s still growing more fresh buds I’ve been waiting since day 65 to see...
  5. DrBloom

    Do I need to flush?

    The only nutrients I used is dry organics 4-4-4 Do I still need to flush?
  6. Irishstoner

    First time grower chop or not to chop

    Hi I am a newbie to all this I am growing Barneys blue cheese in a 11 litre pot in biobizz all mix medium and had few problems so it's only 56 cm but nice buds on it it is at da end of week 8 and I am stil giving it all biobizz nutrients and stickin to biobizz feeding chart it's starting to...
  7. T

    Buds are almost only sugar leaves?

    Hi Afn, I'm doing my first outdoor grow in a greenhouse with a couple of different plants. The one that's really wierd to me is my Mexican Airlines since it's been "praying" insanely the whole grow, producing a lot of trics and having nice colour, but... The buds are not very beefy and mostly...
  8. Columbo

    OG Kush Auto... getting close :)

    This is my first autoflower grow, stated back in the 2nd week of Feb. Leaves turned really dark green nearly blue. Never grew any marijuana before, so unsure of best time to clip the buds. and a cropped close-up
  9. Boveda

    Boveda Wants to Hear From YOU!

    **EDIT** - Week 1 has started follow the info here: Boveda Wants to Hear From YOU! Hi everyone! Announcing a 5 week series of feedback requests from you the many growers here. The series will be on the topic of “Harvest”. In my eyes, the harvest has 5 steps & so for the next 5 weeks I will...
  10. T

    About to harvest first run - Need advise on what to do with trim

    Basically, I'm expecting around a lb harvest for my first ever run. Maybe a zip less/more. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for my trim. Any suggestions are welcome. I bought everything to make Qwiso happen, but I'm unsure on actually going through with the process. I watched videos...
  11. T

    Looking for advise from fellow growers for my second run

    Hi guys. I'm looking for advise on how to go about my second run, because I followed a pretty concrete plan for the first. I am about to harvest my first run in a few days after I finish flushing. Growing in Coco Coir. I have the three feminized seeds left from CropKing that I ordered(blue...
  12. W

    New Grower (2nd Grow) Need some advice on harvest!

    Hello fellow AFN members! This is my second grow, first ended up pretty well (gonna add some pictures from it, as there was no journal for it) my question is, am I ready for harvest? I think the first run I harvested early so I dont want to make the same mistake. Been reading Muddy's yellowing...
  13. Boveda

    Vinegar As An Effective Edible Solvent

    Hey friends & growers! I've been legally growing my medicine for almost a year now and currently have a nice rotational harvest thing going. Over the past 4 months I've harvested one plant every 2 to 3 weeks. As you can imagine, Boveda is my best friend! I'm now able to have a bit of a...
  14. PoppyLon56

    Confused - IS MY PLANTS READY?

    PLEASE HELP I am afraid I will Miss My Max THC Window. I Germ "4 Dinafem white widow xxl on 3/28/18. Placed them in RDWC pods on 4/1/18. The info on WWXXL says 80 days to harvest. The pictures below are 60 days old. I need to know are they ready for harvest . thanks
  15. Hypathetical Gardener

    Early harvest half of 1 cola?

    Long time reader and first time poster. I am unfortunately in a prohibition state so all questions i ask are soley for knowledge for the future when the laws change. Ive seen all over that one can harvest the main cola first and drop the lights. IF i was using a low intensity/ low penetrating...
  16. Batigol

    Check this trichome photos, help me when to harvest!!

    Pls check this photos and give me some help, when to harvest these? i think i have 30% amber and 70% milky, but want to get opionions! this is my first grow. thank you.
  17. hashead

    blue cheese, how much longer?

    So ive a blue cheese going, day 65, my magnifier hasnt arrived yet but she's showing a lot of brown pistils. Hasnt quite fattened out enough yet, so ill give her more time, I prefer a calming stone anyway so I dont mind waiting. My question is how much longer do ye reckon? The flowers below...
  18. SevenOneFour

    Is my girl ready to Harvest? Trichome pics attached

    Hi everyone. I need some help. I don't know if its time or not to harvest. I don't have a magnifying device but took some pictures that look pretty good(I think). Could someone take a look at the pictures and see if the trichomes are ready or are they clear. I cant tell and have no one...
  19. Debbie Chronicle

    Is it clear when I'll harvest?

    hi guys! Since this website has helped me a lot i wanna ask this.. can you tell when i'll be able to harvest? Is it soon? I go on vacation for a little over a week on friday and i tried to plan this harvest before that, but I feel like due to the white pistils (and some clear trichomes), i wont...
  20. TaTHC

    What should I do

    Hey guys alot has happened I went on vacation my roommate didn't water it for 5 days..I came back I had to remove alot of bottom leaves. Then I think I burned them after that. On a brighter note I'm almost 70 days from when the seed popped...white hairs are changinh colors . I tried to check...