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  1. SevenOneFour

    Is my girl ready to Harvest? Trichome pics attached

    Hi everyone. I need some help. I don't know if its time or not to harvest. I don't have a magnifying device but took some pictures that look pretty good(I think). Could someone take a look at the pictures and see if the trichomes are ready or are they clear. I cant tell and have no one...
  2. Debbie Chronicle

    Is it clear when I'll harvest?

    hi guys! Since this website has helped me a lot i wanna ask this.. can you tell when i'll be able to harvest? Is it soon? I go on vacation for a little over a week on friday and i tried to plan this harvest before that, but I feel like due to the white pistils (and some clear trichomes), i wont...
  3. TaTHC

    What should I do

    Hey guys alot has happened I went on vacation my roommate didn't water it for 5 days..I came back I had to remove alot of bottom leaves. Then I think I burned them after that. On a brighter note I'm almost 70 days from when the seed popped...white hairs are changinh colors . I tried to check...
  4. IceWater421

    Cob Light Grow/Harvest Reports

    Hey AFN :d5: I'm looking for reviews and grow journals on cob lights . Especially ones that you have gotten from are on site cob master @BigSm0 im going to be placing an order with him for either 2-4 cobs for my 3x3 or might possibly purchase a 4x4 . If I only purchase two to start I will be...
  5. A

    First Time Grower - Blue Kush Autoflower

    Hey, I started my first autoflower around December 10th 2016. I'm growing outdoor in a normal pot in my garden. I live in Egypt (hot & dry weather). Watering: I add filtered water when soil dries up (approx. once a week) Nutrients: I have used minimal nutrients during the later stages. This...
  6. S

    Autos nearly finished?

    Hi guys just looking for some input on my auto she's around 6/7 weeks and has had a bad life I'm surprised she's even budding Respect to barneys farm Pineapple Express very solid genetically engineered plant had been moved 3 times and heated up until she drooped over completely. And still...
  7. M

    Time to harvest?

    Hey guys ive been growing this red poison pheno for about 9 weeks now, and doing the flush for about 5 days, in the website i read that this strain should take 8 weeks from seed to harvest but im not sure if this plant is ready to be take down. Can someone help mt please, thank youu
  8. 509Blazer

    Yellow margins on calyx

    I have a Sativa dominant "massive midget" auto going and have having trouble telling when to harvest. The plant is no midget, and instead of harvesting in 8 weeks, as Heavyweight seeds suggested, it is currently on day 89. If I harvested today, I figure I would get at least 4 oz dry and this...
  9. Chopperguy58

    Death in the family RIP

    Cut down my male Pineapple Express. Here is some pics of the root zone. Also you can see the 4" rockwool cube he started in. He was about 66 days old. I forget exactly how old he was and I'm to lazy to go look it up.
  10. Chopperguy58

    Photos's....how long is flowering cycle

    Just had my girls show their sex. Now that I know they're females how long should I expect them to be in the flowering stage? They are in the very early stage of pre flower. I'm going to guess 30-45 more days. What do you guys think?
  11. J

    is my autoflower ready???? :)

    hey guys i have an autoflower plant called C4 Matic. its been 10 weeks now since it sprouted. i had it originally growing under cfls at night and out in the sun during the day, up until about 4 weeks ago when dad said he had enough of the smell in my room lol so i had to leave it outside only...
  12. |jack|

    How long till harvest? GSC auto day 103

    got this Girl Scout cookies auto that's been going for about 14 weeks now Planted outside in the UK on April 24th in a 16l smart pot filled with compost About 30% of pistils are orange,upper buds are covered in trichs and feel pretty firm I was thinking of harvesting in the next 5 days and...
  13. Xraylaser

    Devil Cream Auto - How Much More Time???

    Hello Everyone! Second year-grower and first year autoflower grower. Here is a Devil Cream Auto that is on Day 43 since germination. This girl is 30" tall and getting nice and purple. Sweet seeds advertised 56 days but I don't put a lot of stock in that. I'm curious about how much time I...
  14. Dr. Babnik

    How to Plan for The End Times and The Definitive End?

    How do you evaluate the beginning of the end? Almost everywere I look, its written look at the leaves. I took some pics through my microscope today. I never evaluated trichomes before, but to me they all look milky. Is that true? When to decide for harvest in 14 days and go over to rinsing...
  15. Shelly

    Total Newbie Virgin Harvest Help Needed

    Hi! I need some help please and I have a shit ton of questions so please bare with me! This is my first ever grow and I've gotta good deal of stuff going on. First, I have what I thought was a Sweet Tooth auto flower. She has had yellow leaves for 3 weeks now. So, after one week of a lot of...