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  1. Pistol95

    Does my auto look ready for harvest?

    Hey how's it going everyone?! Well my plant is on its 8th week or so of growing and it is well into its flowering phase. I'm new to all this and I'm curious as to when I should harvest or if it is ready to harvest now? It's a small plant due to some complications but I'm still quite surprised...
  2. Bud Marley

    Outdoor Harvest Time Questions

    Hey guys, First time grower here with a couple of questions about when to harvest my autoflower. I'm sure this type of question gets asked often. I am growing Krippleberry Auto outdoors in a 7 litre pot. Planted with compost and kraal manure. No nutrients added with exception of occasional...
  3. HiddenDarts

    Hey Everyone, Quick Question RE: Day 70: Should I Harvest?

    Excellent, excellent forum. You guys should all be proud. This place is the bomb! No way I would have attempted my first grow without this superb resource. I was a lurker until now, but do need a little help. First time grower, using all Biobizz stuff (and GH Calmag) and 2 300W Galaxy Hydro...
  4. Y

    2 Northern Lights and their differences...Are they ready?

    Greetings! This is my first grow since 30 years ago! Gave it a go with 3 AF's to start. 2 Northern Lights and 1 White Widow all from 00 Seeds. Growing in a locally obtained pro-mix soil with no nutes pre-added to the soil, just some rooting enzymes. I have used Dyna-Gro nutes - Foliage Pro and...