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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Bud Marley

    Outdoor Harvest Time Questions

    Hey guys, First time grower here with a couple of questions about when to harvest my autoflower. I'm sure this type of question gets asked often. I am growing Krippleberry Auto outdoors in a 7 litre pot. Planted with compost and kraal manure. No nutrients added with exception of occasional...
  2. HiddenDarts

    Hey Everyone, Quick Question RE: Day 70: Should I Harvest?

    Excellent, excellent forum. You guys should all be proud. This place is the bomb! No way I would have attempted my first grow without this superb resource. I was a lurker until now, but do need a little help. First time grower, using all Biobizz stuff (and GH Calmag) and 2 300W Galaxy Hydro...
  3. Y

    2 Northern Lights and their differences...Are they ready?

    Greetings! This is my first grow since 30 years ago! Gave it a go with 3 AF's to start. 2 Northern Lights and 1 White Widow all from 00 Seeds. Growing in a locally obtained pro-mix soil with no nutes pre-added to the soil, just some rooting enzymes. I have used Dyna-Gro nutes - Foliage Pro and...