• Best AFN Outdoor Auto Grower of 2020: 1st: 420Forever 2nd: 4d-Rock 3rd: Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • Best AFN Outdoor photosensitive Grower of 2020: 1st Kyote 2nd Dankstyle J 3rd Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • BOMB Seeds: 1st: JohnEMad 2nd: pop22
  • DinaFem 2020 second leg: 1st: Only1Sky 2nd: St. Tom 3rd: Feenix
  • Zamnesia 2020: 1st: HighnDry 2nd: Only1Sky
  • Auto Seeds 2020: 1st: MesaBoogie 2nd: Only1Sky
  • FastBuds 2020 1st: Chronic_passion 2nd: St. Tom
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    Auto Haze or good auto sativas

    What’s up you filthy animals?I am a longtime lover of all things Haze.I am shouting out to our community for recommendations on quality auto Hazes and auto sativas with nice uplifting euphoric highs and if they aren’t too loud or skunky all the better as I live in an apt.and a big thanks to all...
  2. elcoloan

    Advice for 2x2x4.6 tent with Autocob and Dinafem strains

    First off, thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for his assistance. Helpfull fella. Now, I was hoping I could get some advice or ideas. I will be acquiring a few Dinafem seeds. Among them will be Haze 2.0 Auto with which i plan to begin my Dinafem experience hehehe; the others will be photos and will grow...
  3. La Buena Hierba

    auto SSSDH

    a F4 of Cross of mine proven Autoflowering Sour Diesel Haze with the SSSDH (Ojd Cut) Reservoir Seed the cup winner in a autoflowering form . LBH´s auto SSSDH alsmost 4 weeks of flowering
  4. La Buena Hierba

    smaller autoflowers selection auto haze ..and kush and SDH and auto peyote

    not the best grow first time led and i have feeding problem and temp 1 auto kush x peyote x auto kush alsmost 4 weeks into flowering LBH's Autoflowering Haze Male + autoflowering Haze strain selection side just started to flower LBH´s autoflowering SDH X...
  5. La Buena Hierba

    LBH Autoflowering Kush outdoor 2017

    just little update on The LBH Autoflowering Kush outdoor in rainy holland from this summer that i whant to share with you guys here the pictures of few LBH auto Kush testers let me know what you guy's think (more pictures on this link on my LBH breederssection on icmag) look ath my AFN...
  6. La Buena Hierba

    outdoor 2017 some mix pictures of difriend strains

    just some testers that i do in 2017 i had some bad luck guerilla this year so only garden plants picters in glashouse are LBH semi-autoflowers (gold Kush , thai Gold , and some more great outdoor soon everyboddy can grow) this is Tuttie Fruttie a early geurilla strain maked of pure...
  7. La Buena Hierba

    Dolce Hierba autoflower *(outdoor)2017

    Dolce Hierba autoflower *(outdoor) is a new strain that come out of pure oldskool sativa lines like the pure old Haze lines and landrace Thai lines that i crossed with mine autoflowering Haze work . smoke report *olce Hierba autoflower Dulce Hierba autoflower was very old school in my feel, it...
  8. FarmerD

    Intro and pics Ak47 Amnesia haze

    Hey again guys I did post yesterday but no one seems too interested so I've decided to properly introduce myself to the AFN family. You can call me FarmerD, I have one successful grow under my belt ( a regular photo seed I got really lucky with out of a bag of weed ) and that little lady got...
  9. FarmerD

    6 weeks into my 2nd auto grow Ak47 and amnesia haze

    Hey guys I'm somewhat of a noob to the grow scene with only 1 successful grow under my belt ( a photo-sensitive ) and a failed attempt at autoflowers, I completely fucked up the ph levels and poor little girls never even really took off! But anyways I learned from my mistakes and gained...
  10. nicecoolbud

    Anybody use Haze.io?

    I spent a lot of time looking for a seed bank who carries fastbuds seeds. I only do business with those who accept credit card payments and I was a bit disappointed to find that so many of the seed banks are not set up for credit card transactions. The few I found could not process my CC tor...
  11. Burr_nit

    Burr_Nit's - Haze CBD+ RoadRunner#2

    Finally starting my first grow!!!! And of course a journal to go along with it! Super excited to get started and get some input and help a long the way! So here's the overview.. Tent: 2x4x6 Light: Viparspectra 450W LED on 20/4 (Adding four CFLS 6500k for veg period, 2700k for bloom period.)...
  12. MateraGaia

    Holiday 3 Pack Grow

    @Northern Grower @Discretepete2676 @iampepe @sniper @BigSm0 @The Elvis @Slater @budelee @Renaissance Redneck @epenguin Pull up a chair fellas while I grow out some Dinafem ladies! I got Sour Diesel, Industrial Plant CBD, and Haze CBD going into the grow cab or grab if your feeling naughty...
  13. jingo

    Jingo's continuous cbd grow, lumigrow pro LED, GH nutrients in coco, with test results

    Hello everyone Time for another grow, this one will run on for.....well who knows. I intend to grow out multiple Industrial Power Plant Autos and Haze cbd Autos, test one bud and some butter from the IPcbd that I will make following this method (LINK IN FUTURE). I have one IPcbd that is about a...
  14. Bum

    Multistrain grow in Coco!

    Just got another order off from Attitude and im planning on growing one of each this time. I paid for total 14 seeds and got another 10 fems in freebies, thats awesome imho. Not sure yet if i'll put them in my 120x120 tent or build them a tray and just keep them in the open room where the...
  15. GoAuto6

    Another test run for "Short Stuff" got to love these people!

    The good folks of short stuff have a line up of tester beans coming out that looks like this :worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship::worship: Super Cali haze X Auto Amnesia Super Cali haze X Sativa AK47 Super Cali haze X (Amnesia x Blueberry)...
  16. scubascrog

    9x6 - 1550W hid/led - chilled rdwc + soil - auto haze xxl + freebies

    Hey! Going full auto this run!! just spent A LOT O BUCKS on a new setup and its JUST finished. I have some photo strain experience but this is my first auto run, my last run I mainlined 5 in a 4x4 and got 13 ounces. this run I will be doing 10 haze xxls and 2 of the freebies true north sent...
  17. HubbaBubba

    Fantasmo Express Vape report

    Fantasmo Express comes from Ghost Train Haze which was called “Strongest Strain on Earth" a few years ago because it tested over 25% THC. Fantasmo Express is my favorite of the 10 Mephisto strains I have grown. So here is my first AFN smoke report. Acutally I never smoked, but I have vaped it...
  18. goodgrace87

    Organic NoTill 15 Gallon Pot

    Lights:300 W led Tent: 24X24X36 tent( very small) I am using a 2.1 sq cube fabric pot with 50% peat moss 30% compost 15% Perlite 15$ EWC (worm casting) I amended my soils with alfalfa meal crab shell feather meal blood meal bone meal kelp Dr Earth Seed starter Formula Molasses All material...
  19. C

    All Right, I give up......What is HAZE ?

    What is HAZE, what can be called haze with a straight face, when is it a haze, why is it a haze, etc. ? The Haze brothers, a chap called Neville, Jamaica, sativa dominance........ These profound questions is inspired by a little chat with a bloke in a growshop who got himself all tied up in...
  20. livelife420

    About to grow Dinafem Haze XXL and Blue Cheese Auto

    I'm growing the Dinafem Haze XXL and the Blue Cheese Auto. This will be my first ever grow. I'm growing in a Southeast Asia environment in an Aquaponics system inside a greenhouse. Does anybody have any tips? I don't have that much knowledge regarding actually growing it, so help will be...