1. 420SOS

    Does Cannabis make your heart race?

    This thread was inspired by my last one where @Arthur mentioned sometimes weed would keep him up, which has actually happened to me to. Apart from that, one of the blogposts I'm editing is precisely about that and I was wondering if it actually happened to any of you, do you think it's more...
  2. 420SOS

    Cannabis' side effects, are there any?

    We normally associate "side effects" as negative because they usually are and that's what I find in most places. So following that train of thought do you believe there are serious side effects to consuming marijuana other than forgetfulness, drowsiness(in some cases) and an insatiable...
  3. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    Foliar Feeds For The Win!!!!

    I have started a new series on Foliar Feeds... I thought my AFN friends might appreciate it! Here is the playlist... so it's easy to follow along as I develop the series:
  4. JM

    Beet Kvass for healing, blood cleansing and more!

    Recipe is so simple. I checked all the different sources - and this is easiest and best: 3 medium organic beets (partially peeled if you want), coursely chopped 1 Tbs. sea salt (or other good quality salt- Himaylayan or whatever) 2 qt. glass container of (filtered) water - good water, whatever...
  5. JM

    Pine Pollen: Stephen Bhuner

    JM Bombs Away! :coffee: