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  1. N

    Nutrient lockout ? LSD BARNEYS FARM

    Hey guys I’m having this problem with this girl.. I’m using AD PERFECT PH GROW,MICRO,Bloom 4ml per L 27/8• daily 17/18• night Rh 45 Strain: LSD auto
  2. J

    first grow ever, northern lights problem

    hi, im new and its my first time growing any kind of plants. i have a 60x60x120 cm indoor, 100 mm extractor, 1 fan, 4 plants in pots of 11 liters, and a tesla 180 led ( 108 real watts) i plant the germinated seed in a 11 lt pot with light mix of biobizz, and now im in the 12 day since de...
  3. UpTownGirl202

    Uptown Newbie Week 1 Autos So Far So Good??

    HelloEveryone! Im currently on my very first grow and today marks 1 week for my girls. Im growing 3 auto fem gorilla glues from fastbuds, aswell as 3 auto fem pinapple glues from advanced seeds. I have them in 3.5 gallon pots except for one who was supposed to be a solo cup experiment but had to...
  4. T

    Looking for a decent tool to hold 9x 3G pots.

    A tray of sort. Something I can collect runoff for. I'm trying to do 8-9 autos for my next run in a 5' by 5' by 2m long tent. My issue is that I only have 16'' saucers to put the pots on. One can't even fit two 3G pots. I can't imagine using one saucer for every 3G pot in early veg.
  5. T

    My first auto run in 1 month. Laying out a plan. Advise appreciated.

    Lights: t5 fluorescent, 1000w MH, 1000w HPS Growing space: Tent 5' by 5' by 2m long First off, thanks to anybody that helped me on this forum. You guys have been amazing and I've learned so much from everybody here. As it stands, this is the info I have: I'm going to start in 3G plastic pots...
  6. T

    Looking to grow autos. Need help.

    Hi guys, Last year from August-December, I grew 5 photos plants using a t5 fluorescent for early veg and 1x 1000w MH/HPS for late veg+flowering I yielded around 1.5lb for this run. It was my first grow ever. Since then, I'm preparing to grow autos for the first time soon. I wanna get a couple...
  7. G

    Novice Cure, is this hay smell normal ?

    I'm two and a half weeks into my first ever cure and I'm getting a dry hay smell from my bud. This has me worried. Should I be worried ? And is there anything that I can do ?
  8. Cannakisses

    Help me please

    Evening thanks for dropping by, hopefully you can help me I was doing I bit of LST and i heard that heart crushing snap FML:jawdrop:... I managed to snap a really tiny side stem. Gutted is an understatement! So I frantically got the tape and got the stem in the correct place and taped the bad...
  9. Cannakisses

    From super-micro grow to hydroshoot120 tent

    Afternoin all, So I have a pretty "micro" (literally) grow going on, with the hope to stick them outside, but that's weather dependent. I have limited resources so I'm added and changing as I go along. At the I'm using a cfl bulb, in a tinfoil lined cupboard with a desktop fan. I soaked the...
  10. Dhante420

    Where can i buy dry ferts like Mr Canuck (UK & Ireland)

    What up everybody! So were all more than familiar with Mr Canucks BOSS ASS channel on youtube and his organic growing methods, I have been searching far and wide recently to try and find dry amendments like the ones he uses here in Ireland. Dr Earth and Gaia Green are all state side companies :(...
  11. Cannalove420

    Question for the experienced

    I know that runoff ppm can’t be tested in natures living soil with accuracy but can it be tested to give me a “hint”? Should the runoff ppm be high or low in organic living soil with manure. Thanks for reading and clearing up my questions.
  12. Closetflowers

    Seedling worries

    Problem: Light green to yellow color started around day 14. New leaves forming but growth seems very slow and yellow color of one seedling specifically seems worse. Seedling #2 was second to sprout and main concern. Medium/grow method:organic soil, coco coir, perlite 60%/20%/20% Feed: and...
  13. F

    Hello I am Foos and I am new

    Greetings to all, Very happy to find AFN. A couple of years ago I threw some street weed seeds into a planter box on our gazebo. It grew. I transplanted it. Then another. Didn't get good results from the first two. Did it again the next year and ended up with some decent bud from two...
  14. C

    New Grower Help fix what seems unfixable!

    Hey guys, So ill start this off with my setup and such and then we can move on to the problem. Tent- 60x60x150cm Light- Mars hydro Pro ii 450w (175w draw) Pots- smart pots 3 gallon Medium- biobizz light mix soil Nutrients- biobizz grow and bloom Parameters... Temperature- 19-26c Humidity-...
  15. Gonnagrowmore


    Hi guys. Twice I’ve asked about diy led but not had a response. . I have some shitty Chinese lights. 5 intact thT are gathering dust. I’ve decided to upgrade them. Would it be best to use the 80 cri or the 90? I ask because 80 only hits 600 on spectrum. Whereas 90 hits 630. Better for...
  16. D

    Optic LED Optic 8 Grow light help

    Hi everyone, I am extremely new to growing. I am having trouble figuring out how to best control the light without burning or bleaching my plants. Current setup listed in signature. I can't figure out what's going on here. There is no way a 500w light is too big for the space. Please help...
  17. rick-j

    Indoor Grow New to legal state,no more stealth!

    Hello to everyone. A quick intro. Im a old timer, turned 65- 3 months ago. been smoking from high school til now. Started growing in a closet about 2 years ago with t-5s. I seemed to always harvest to early, that was in Idaho, prison time for growers. Now im in N.M., now its legal, YIPPEEE...
  18. detentionbuddy

    Please help!!

    The first plant is what I’m worried about. Lemme know:) Week 1 with devils cream auto under 600 watt veg bulb in a 4x4x6 tent with fans and all that good stuff 3 out of the four are doing well from what I can tell, I’m using fox farm of soil, there trio later on, as well as cal mag and bud...
  19. T

    About to harvest first run - Need advise on what to do with trim

    Basically, I'm expecting around a lb harvest for my first ever run. Maybe a zip less/more. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for my trim. Any suggestions are welcome. I bought everything to make Qwiso happen, but I'm unsure on actually going through with the process. I watched videos...
  20. C

    ATTN: Mitch Point me to the one with the most sativa "up", please.

    Hey Guys, I have several strains to choose from, most of which are more sativa leaning, I think. Would someone in the know, choose one of my following listed strains, as a good UP high, so I can start it? Thanks, I know you are busy.. Ghost Toof, Sams Crack, Bubbasquanch, Ripleys OG, Blue Toof...