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humboldt seed organization

  1. Sugar Breath (HSO 2020 contest strain)

    Sugar Breath (HSO 2020 contest strain)

    This is where I'm posting up all pics and info I have about the sugar breath. She's potted in a mix of 3-1 potter's gold to coco. The plants seem to be loving the new mix. Getting some thick root balls on the ones I've cut down recently. She is also getting my standard feeding schedule for...
  2. Newtoautogrow

    Indoor Grow New indoor grow (blue dream/glue galeto/sour diesel)

    Hi everyone so I've started a new grow of 5 autos in my 4x4 currently growing 2x glue galeto 2x sour diesel and 1x blue dream. Growing under 600w hps in 4x20 litre and 1x15 liter airpots in plagron light mix soil with added perlite. Will post weekly updates
  3. Fast flowering green crack

    Fast flowering green crack

  4. Mistajim

    Sour Diesel Auto - Humboldt seeds - DWC - First Timer

    Hello everyone. This has been such an exciting adventure over the past three months. I have went through what I imagine everyone grower does his or her first time. The excitement of that first germination process which starts building from moment your seeds have been purchased. I couldn’t wait...
  5. Tyler_Durden88

    Humboldts OG Kush & Bubba Kush

    I'm doing this thread for the two Humboldts autoflowers I got. First one being OF kush and the other pre 98 bubba kush. They will be grown in a coco/perilite 50/50 mix. Drain to waste with Advanced Nutrients PH perfect Sensi grow and bloom. And AN supplements as well Sensi calmag Xtra, Voodoo...
  6. Forestlander

    HSO Sugar Breath and OGKZ - Outdoor 2019

    Mark my friend, sorry for not updating on time. Here are my OGKZ and Sugar Breath at day 12 (OGKZ in last 3 bigger pots in center row betwen smaller ones and Sugar Breath also in bigger pots in front row). All are in biodegradable pots. I use Super Grow MH 250W for lighting and growing them...
  7. dankstyle J

    Oregon Grown #5 Light deppin in a ruff rural hood!!

    Welcome back friends to another oregon grown .This year there is going to be more plants then ever .10 plants flower ten in veg an towards the end autos an photos going indoors to be finished off .All in all I will flower out 20 plants in my light dep greenie .I will be adding lights about 8...
  8. tripaholic88

    HSO Sugar Breath & OGKZ

    Ok guys so i have been blessed with some new genetics from Humboldt Seed Organization's best representative @HSO-Mark:thumbsup: :smoking: They are Sugar Breath: Sugar Breath seeds' parents, the famous Do-Si-Dos and the OGKB elite clone, combined create a wonderful and tasty variation of...
  9. Ripper

    Sugar Breath and Gorilla Breath

    Dropped one seed of each. These girls will be grown using mega crop and a few other additives. As soon as the fan leaves touch the side of the pots they will be moved to there autopots. I will update with pictures as soon as they sprout. Today is day 3 in soil so it should be anytime now.
  10. scally420

    Bubba Cheese Auto.

    Thanks to @HSO-Mark i'am gonna be growing Bubba Cheese Auto its two of my favourite strains combined it should be tasty!
  11. Son of Hobbes

    Humboldt Seed Organization - Welcome & Contact Information

    Humboldt Seed Organization Hey everyone we'd like to welcome Humboldt Seed Organization to the Autoflower Network! They've asked to come on the site to show off their genetics and get some journals documented out here, so we're excited to have them aboard and see what the growers here can...