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  1. Dory

    Ventilation Question - help and ideas please :)

    Hi all, hope every one is good. I am new here, 1st grow for 10 years. Set up new room, W1m x L3m x H2m. Running a 1200W Philzon LED lamp. Its an attic room, temps can get a little high during afternoon up to 31oC is highest it has been. I am running lights 18/6. 18.00 on and off at 12.00. I...
  2. C

    Humidity and Temperature

    Hi, Today I bought a oil rad as my temperatures were getting too low in my tent. I am growing an Auto Northern lights and Auto Blueberry. I also have a automatic humdifier, and before getting the oil rad I would set the humidfier to 65% (as my plants are in their second week of growing) and it...
  3. Boveda

    Salt water or Glycerin? New Boveda Article

    Hey friends! Over the last while Boveda has received feedback from users of both the salt water slurry technology and the glycerin technology for humidity stabilization and rehydration. Made for an interesting read. Here to discuss! “Boveda is Proven Best in Value and Effectiveness”...
  4. Meowza

    Can’t keep humidity up

    Hey everyone, I’m 1 week in to my first grow and I’m having some trouble balancing temperature and humidity in my 4x4 tent. If I leave the tent closed with all the vent holes open and my tiny inlet fan running and the closet door closed humidity stays above 70% but temps can get over 90F. If I...
  5. Boveda

    Boveda Technology for Humid Months

    Hey friends! A few weeks ago I was able to visit a large outdoor Cannabis market where bottles of beautiful bud sat in the sun fogging up the glass. Luckily, I had a jar of Boveda 58% RH in the car & handed a few out. Boveda is known to rehydrate Cannabis flowers but the osmosis technology...
  6. W

    RH problems

    My problem is low RH (20%) so I bought a humidifier, is it safe to let it vapor directly above canopy level ? (its almost hits cooltube with hps bulb) but the cooltube is sealed tight so it can only hit the glass. Or am I better of put in on the side? 25W ultrasonic humidifier Setup...
  7. Rev. Green Genes

    DIY humidifier

    I have noticed a lot of folks having humidity trouble this winter. I am too. I decided to build a multi use system that could be used as a room scale humidifier, a propagation humidity tent, fogponics reservoir, or as a source of fog for a mushroom fruiting chamber. All of these things are now...
  8. Ripper

    Desiccare Integra Boost packets massive test thread

    FAQ WHAT IS BOOST? INTEGRA BOOST uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55 or 62 percentin a contained environment. WHY USE BOOST? Integra Boost will prevent over drying and mold growth by achieving the R.H. level at 55% or 62%...
  9. Elias

    Growing Windowsill

    Hello all. Basicly me and my girlfriend are moving to our new apartment next week and we have been living at her fathers house for about 2-3months now. With that said, my green fingers got to excited and i dropped down a Quick One seed from RQS some days ago and it broke the soil on 4/20 (HEHE)...
  10. E

    Best strains for sub-tropical, humid, mountain grow

    Dear AFN friends! I would like to solicit your suggestions as to the best strains for an outdoor, subtropical, high humidity climate, in the mountains at slight altitude? My location is (see here for full grow journal, as you can read, I've had a few problems already): Latitude: somewhere...
  11. xxxGAUGExxx

    Seedling Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Root Riot / Rapid Rooters for Hydro

    Hello all! I was wondering after seeds have popped in Rapid Rooters or Root riot cubes in a seedling tray. If you had the ability to accurately control their tent environment... What would be the ideal temperature and humidity to keep them at? My findings for seeds have been about 78 to 80f for...