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  1. Growpito Demo Grow

    Growpito Demo Grow

    Hello AFN - This is @Growpito_Aleks - Presenting you with a demonstration grow. For the next few months follow me while I flower out some clones and mothers. I will be growing 16 cuts of Mendo Breath by Gage Green Genetics, 1 mother of a Dinafem Blue Cheese, and 3 Bruce Banger mothers. These...
  2. Overgrow the Government

    Sweet Seeds Dark Devil 5 Gallon Hydro Grow

    Hey folks, I'm still a little new to growing. (2 years experience) I'm using Botanicare Pro Grow Nutes in a 5 gallon hydro bucket under 320 watts of fluorescent tube light, until she gets bigger at which point I'll be switching over to a 600 MH/HPS. I have forced hot air for heat, so it can be...
  3. Tyler_Durden88

    Exsperienced Rockwool Growers?

    I'm looking for for tips and guidance on using rockwool. I've always used hydroton or coco coir with my hydro grows but I'm liking what I see from grodan cubes. But there is very little info for using them with autoflowers. Does any had alot of exsperience with rockwool. I'll be using a top feed...
  4. Auto-Anto

    Dutch passion...Deficiencies ?

    Can anyone help me ? My plants are all dutch passion. Mars hydro 900 watt LED Grow x 2 4 auto ultimate 40 days old. Grown in wilma 4 pot system 2 auto colorado cookies 21 days old. 2 auto extreme 21 days old. Grown in 15ltr dwc Nutes....AN grow micro bloom. Big bud B52 Bud candy Cannazyme...
  5. I

    First time growing anything, DIY hydro

    Hello I have started a project by myself growing cannabis autoflower, I have never in my life grown anything and didn't even know what Hydroponics even was a few months ago before I started. I have had some issues with heat,transplantation, Several times burning or under feeding the plant...
  6. T

    New Grower - What Hydro System to buy???

    Hey guys, I'm building a custom grow tent 4x4, using 6 cree 3590 cob's from BigSm0, and a gorilla grow tent. I need more info on what hydro system I should buy for my grow setup. Any and all input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!