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  3. General Battle 2019. First Leg Winner was The Mugwamp with his Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch. Grown under 250w hps dual spectrum lights. CONGRATULATIONS
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  4. The Winner of the Mephisto First Leg Battle was MrOldBoy with Mephisto Sam's Crack..in Living Organic oils under Optic4 lights. CONGRATULATIONS MrOldBoy
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  5. Winner of the Lighting Battle. First Leg 2019 is Iriee Vibez with a Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG under a mix of Kind Led ..RapidLED COBs and Chilled Logic Puck. CONGRATULATIONS.
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  6. Congratulations to Mesaboogie who Won the Dinafem 1st Leg Battle 2019 Well Grown....
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  7. Seed Stockers First Leg Battle 2019 was Won by our own woody... CONGRATULATIONS woody...Taking one for the Staff Team...
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