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  1. Nonamemicgee

    Brooklyn sunrise stops in its tracks?

    Been feeding 1ml per ltr coco sensi bloom a and b. She is under a 400 watt air cooled mh. Tent stays 77-85 good rhythm. Growing in coco. Plants like 3 weeks old. First pic is Sept 26th last is today as. You can see she's stunted or lacking something or getting to much.
  2. Nonamemicgee

    Mh/hps height from seedlings? 400w

    Was wondering how high you guys hang your 400 watt hps/mh over your seedlings? Have a air cooled closed hood with all the accessories I need in a 2x4x5 tent
  3. Rule420

    1st grow journal week#3 blueberry kush by nirvana

    New grower first time journal. I have learned so much from other threads hoping I can get feedback and advise on this grow. Ok week 3 as of today. Here is details Blueberry kush by nirvana 300 watt Galaxy hydro led with small grow led light . 100 watts at most . 3 gallon smartpot Kellogs...
  4. jingo

    Jingo does Fastbuds Stardog, Lsd25 and Mexican Airlines. Lumigrow pro LED's and gh nutrients.

    Okay welcome to another fumbling and bumbling grow by jingo. Maybe im being a bit hard on myself, but if you followed my other grow you know by now I AM THE WORST PEST IN MY GROW ROOM. Okay, now that i have that out of the way lets get started. First off ill tag a few people who were in my last...
  5. jingo

    Jingo's continuous cbd grow, lumigrow pro LED, GH nutrients in coco, with test results

    Hello everyone Time for another grow, this one will run on for.....well who knows. I intend to grow out multiple Industrial Power Plant Autos and Haze cbd Autos, test one bud and some butter from the IPcbd that I will make following this method (LINK IN FUTURE). I have one IPcbd that is about a...