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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Saint Skinny

    Help with Apollo UFO COB upgrade

    Hey all, I've had this Apollo Hort UFO for close to 2 years, and I've recently noticed two of the diodes look like they've been burnt to a crisp. I've considered converting it to cob in the past, but never got around to it. I'm hoping someone may be able to help me pick the best match for my...
  2. Slater

    Slater's next project

    I love this DIY light thing... lets get the kit list out of the way 3 x Citizen 1212's (3500k) powered by Mean Well HLG-120H-C1050B 16 x 3w Epiled power by a 30w driver 650mA 8 x Red (660nm) 4 x Far Red (745nm) 2 x UV (380 -390nm) 2 x Royal Blue (440nm) So this next project if for my small...
  3. pop22

    Northern Growlights NEW! Quantum Board Quick Build and Test

    I've been playing with a couple of COB layouts and love them! BUT I was intrigued by these new multiple chip, composite boards being designed by Horticultural Light Group, I believe the commercial lighting entity of Photon Labs/Northern Growlights. The light WITH the heatsink in thinner than...
  4. F.N.

    Cannazone testing My Tasty T4-2100 from seed to end journal

    I have just put a Tangiematic from fast buds a sour crack and a hbss from Mephisto and a DP auto Brooklyn sunrise. They are all on Day five Pictures to come. The first picture is the light of course and what comes with it.
  5. HLG1

    MOD 420 Horticulture COB Lighting

    MOD 420 is a universal frame for assembling a COB lamp with hundreds of different configurations. Developed by @Bobby from Mi and myself. The original prototype was Mod 8 for 8 cobs. We redesigned it to accommodate 4 cobs The final version of Mod 4 comes in 2 pieces can be can be joined to...
  6. K

    DIY COB light

    is this the place that supplies items for cob builds? I may be jumping the gun here so to speak, since there is no post here.
  7. Hydro_Jack

    Hello, this is my first post here...

    I saw this forum and I thought I would post a picture of my Tasty setup...I spent a ton but my room is rockin..These were way too tall when they went in...I have done a tone of bending and training..I used to grow hydro hence the name.....HJ
  8. DooDahMan

    mars II 400w vs Roleadro 400w COB

    Heya All... I have room in the closet and budget ( soon ) for one more light to fill in a little space. I have boiled it down to these two options. The MARS II 400w - Net Dimensions:340*340*90mm/13*13*3.5inches Led Brand:Epistar(HI-LED)High Intensity Led Quantity of each Panel:80LEDs Led View...
  9. D

    BossLed waste of money

    is it worth it as side light?? i need something cheap for side light.. http://bossledgrowlights.com/products/bestva-x5-new-led-grow-light-full-spectrum-grow-lights-led-for-plants-growing-and-flowering-led-grow-lights-for-indoor-plants
  10. Son of Hobbes

    Need a DIY thread moved in here?

    Have a DIY thread somewhere else in the forum and want it moved here instead? Post the link to your journal in here and we'll have a moderator/admin make it so!
  11. BigSm0

    Mars vs hps vs efficiency

    I'm a huge fan in efficiency. It's one if the main factors in lighting besides spectrum. So from my reading and reading I came across credible documentation stating kind led were 22.5% efficient. Now that's 22.5 X wall wattage which equals the par watts which is the key number. The remaining...
  12. diverdown

    Is this normal

    First time using Led is the light to close it's 12 inches away
  13. E

    ? About my new LED fixture. 600w Wellpar

    Hello does anybody in here have any feedback on this light I purchased on eBay. http://m.ebay.com/itm/WELLPAR-600W-LED-Grow-Light-Panel-Spectrum-Indoor-Hydro-Veg-Flowering-Plant-Lamp-/271838168118 I would like to find out how many plants I can grow with this led light. And if it's a good...
  14. Finessedagrower

    What type of led

    Sooo currently doing some eBay shopping for my first auto run I plan on getting this 48X24X72 tent and running anywhere between 4-6 plants what type of led should I get?? What would cover the area well enough to support Atleast 4 plants and costs less lol only reason I'm getting a tent so big is...
  15. turtle360

    Is California Lightworks one of these problem children? If so......

    Well known blogger says and boy ain't it the truth: When LED grow lights are not made for a plant like cannabis, they can cause leaves to turn brown and crispy, or show nutrient deficiencies for no reason, especially in the cannabis flowering stage Could this have been at the heart of the...
  16. dcat0921

    Question on new LED for my stealth cab

    Ok everyone I'm looking to update my LEDs in my stealth cab. Running Mars 300s in there now but want to upgrade. I have 2 in mind but won't mention them just to see what others says. Entire height of space available is 38", once I add in the pots I use it drops to 30". Then I have to remove the...
  17. F.N.

    CANNAZONE Testing tasty led t4 2100 My GRAND UNVEILING

    This light is SOLID extremely well packed here is pictures of what came out of the Box as I type my son in laws are hanging it. It is basically getting half my tent they will not be any light pollution from my other light why I have them angled a tiny bit.
  18. Think

    When to switch veg and bloom on?

    Hey guys, How many days would you say to switch the bloom on with the platinum LEDs?
  19. Waximus

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Photo Tent Takeover by Waximus

    Howdy, Peeps :smoking: The folks at Tasty LED have provided me with one of their T4-2100 LED panels, and I decided to dedicate it to my auto tent for a few runs, so we can see the results, together:coffee: Here are a few unpacking shots, for y'all to see the packaging: First...
  20. Son of Hobbes

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Grow by Son of Hobbes

    Hey everyone I'm going to be starting a grow with a new test light from Kevin with @Tasty LED. The shipping was incredibly fast and I just received the light today, so I thought I would start this off with an unboxing. The light arrived in a very discrete cardboard box. I know there's a lot...