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led diy

  1. dcat0921

    Question on new LED for my stealth cab

    Ok everyone I'm looking to update my LEDs in my stealth cab. Running Mars 300s in there now but want to upgrade. I have 2 in mind but won't mention them just to see what others says. Entire height of space available is 38", once I add in the pots I use it drops to 30". Then I have to remove the...
  2. F.N.

    CANNAZONE Testing tasty led t4 2100 My GRAND UNVEILING

    This light is SOLID extremely well packed here is pictures of what came out of the Box as I type my son in laws are hanging it. It is basically getting half my tent they will not be any light pollution from my other light why I have them angled a tiny bit.
  3. iampepe

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing: A shout out to @AMARE-TECH-Vic for making this happen! Thank you The outside of the box has on it the shipping label (under the fox farm feeding schedule), DHL paper in plastic, DHL inspection sticker and SE450 sticker with bar code on the side. The bottom of...
  4. Think

    When to switch veg and bloom on?

    Hey guys, How many days would you say to switch the bloom on with the platinum LEDs?
  5. A

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Amare SolarPro 400

    All i can say is that this light is impressive!!!!! Here are some pics: This is amazingly bright, i will be using this on 2x4 tent. Im concerned on the hight because i only have 4 feet, should i buy a taller setup?any recommendations??lenses or no lenses? Im so anxious to start using this...
  6. Waximus

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Photo Tent Takeover by Waximus

    Howdy, Peeps :smoking: The folks at Tasty LED have provided me with one of their T4-2100 LED panels, and I decided to dedicate it to my auto tent for a few runs, so we can see the results, together:coffee: Here are a few unpacking shots, for y'all to see the packaging: First...
  7. Son of Hobbes

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Grow by Son of Hobbes

    Hey everyone I'm going to be starting a grow with a new test light from Kevin with @Tasty LED. The shipping was incredibly fast and I just received the light today, so I thought I would start this off with an unboxing. The light arrived in a very discrete cardboard box. I know there's a lot...
  8. Son of Hobbes

    Tasty LED Introduction Thread

    I'd like to welcome Kevin @Tasty with Tasty LED for coming on to our site and allowing us three panels to review and test for the community! We have three testers for these lights: @Waximus @Fairlynew and myself, @Son of Hobbes The lights being sent are the T4-2100 units, which I'm sure...
  9. Think

    Led glasses

    After buying 2 panels I'm on a tight budget now so method seven glasses are a no go for now lol. Was thinking of these welding glasses. Not sure which shade I should go. Shade 1.7 for shade 3? 1.7 3
  10. Son of Hobbes


    Stay tuned and watch for this NEW Live Vendor coming soon!
  11. Think

    Which position would be best?

    I'm trying to figure out with way to hang my p300s to cover 3 plants. Which one do you guys think would be best?
  12. strakey

    comparisons to grow northern

    Hi all, We seem to have a lot of brits on this site and considering I am Canadian (hi cousins) we don't get plagron lite mix or grow northern leds. Lots of great grows come from this duo. I would like an unbiased opinion on led lights that compare to the gn series including mars. Any opinions...
  13. HurricaneTrees

    How many lights in a 4x2x4 tent?

    Just got my tent in, and was wondering would two Mars 300's be too much?
  14. MeefChief

    Meef tests Platinum LED & Mephisto Genetics

    Meef is going back to basics, yet again. After a somewhat failed AutoPot test due to pH issues, I've purchased a water filtration setup and I'm ready to attempt coco again. I'm going to attempt the K.I.S.S. method this time and stick to hand watering. Setup: Gorilla Lite 4'x4' Platinum LED...
  15. Bromeo

    Bromeo's Platinum LED test.

    Hello AFN'ers and let me start with a massive thank you:thanks: to Platinum LED for the opportunity to test this light. I'm humbled by the chance.:worship: I'm planning on growing a few plants during this test. I'm going to start with this straight coco grow then after we get back from...
  16. Tungs

    SoloarSpec 150CR unboxing, first impression

    Hey there AFN! I got this SolarSPEC 150 CR to do a test run with! The grow will be to follow, but for now here is an unboxing of the mail I got. This is my first LED lamp. I hope I can do it some justice. This model has the 5w Cree bulbs, which I am happy about. I have nothing to compare it to...
  17. Think

    1200w Mars 2 panel for 3 plants?

    Just wanted some info regarding a 1200w Mars 2 Panel. I will be growing 3 girls in a 140x140x200 tent. I can't get 2 smaller panels unfortunately. Would just that one panel be okay?
  18. namvet25


    First off I would like to thank Mark,owner of Platinum Led for donating six panels for testing and reviewing.I will be growing a SOUR DIESEL and a OG KUSH auto in 5.5 gal air pots.As soon as they show there heads I will start posting pictures and update at least once a week.This will be a non...
  19. briman

    briman's PlatinumLed P300 test thread

    Hello AFN! :pass:Testing out a PlatinumLed P300!!:headbang: I would first like to thank PlatinumLED for the opportunity to test their gear and give it a solid run and see what she's got. The test kit is as follows... Light- PlatinumLED P300(180actual watts) Tent-Apollo Horticulture 2' x 4' x 5'...
  20. A-Train

    Please help us welcome Victor with AMARE TECHNOLOGIES! !!

    Welcome to AFN @AMARE-TECH-Vic we are more than happy to have you guys on biard. Have a look around and stay tuned for the show.....