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led diy

  1. A-Train

    Advanced Nutrients vs. Nectar for the Gods under Amare Solar Eclipse 250

    What's up AFN.... as the title states I'll be testing an Amare Technologies Solar Eclipse 250. ....... I'll be running it in a 2x2 tent wich is WAY over kill but the only thing I have available atm. The strains are Mephisto "Grape Crinkle" x2 and "3 Bears OG" x2. They will be grown in 3 gallon...
  2. Boomer2269

    First Time grower

    Hey there all Recently ive come to the conclusion that i spend far too much money on buying weed. After looking threw a few grow journals on this lovely form ive decided to start a new hobby. As i live in a townhouse im going to be growing in a tent setup down stairs in my storage unit. I...
  3. temple_of

    Can grow lights cause eye damage?

    The following I found on wiki. The impact of ultraviolet radiation on human health has implications for the risks and benefits of sun exposure. In humans, excessive exposure to UV radiation can result in acute and chronic harmful effects on the skin, eye, and immune system. How it is in...
  4. A-Train

    Growing with Amare??? Move your journal here

    What's up AFN..... anyone growing with Amare panels that would like you journal ed re-named or moved to this area just post it here. If you could provide a link to the journal. And what you would like the title to read and I'll get you hooked up.
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Amare Technologies (watch this space!)

    Coming soon to an AFN near you :pass: :d5:
  6. M

    ms006, mars 2 700. mars 96/3 help advice

    Good day fellow growers, I have a question that i was hoping someone could help with. my grow space will be 90cmx100cm i have the below lights to use, question is which ones would be best used in this space. 2 x mars 700. on is broken the need new driver , the other has some LED's burnt...
  7. FullDuplex

    FD runs Platinum p300

    Greetings buds :pass: Here is the start to my journey with LED grow lights. Best part about it i get the pleasure to test one of Platinum's p300 series lights. My first attempt will start with the seedlings of the jalapeno's that i have been working on for a year now. As i stated in my intro...
  8. Son of Hobbes

    Platinum LED P450 coco test grow by SoH

    First off, let me just give a shout out again to Mark and @PlatinumLEDTom with Platinum LED for giving us the chance to test out these lights. I come from a HPS/MH background (and often times still finding myself going back to them every now and then,) but I truly believe LED's are the future...
  9. A-Train

    A-Train's Platinum LED P300 test over Magic Strains and Dragons

    Ok folks the first P300 showed up today. We will do the unveiling today and tom another will arrive. By Wednesday the ratchet light straps will be here and we will get these babies plugged in... Here are a few shots of the light and un boxing.... These lights will be placed above 3 to 5...
  10. briman

    Platinum LED Tester Introduction Thread

    Hello AFN, we have a awesome Test Team put together, to give Platinum LED a great test run and see If their lights can produce some excellent Canna! All testers will give a brief introduction, then we will get down to business and grow some canna! Hello, I am briman. I have been at AFN since...
  11. briman

    Platinum LED Q&A

    Hello and Welcome to our new LED vendor, Platinum LED!! This thread will be designated for any questions you may have for Platinum LED and @PlatinumLEDTom is the point of contact for them.:thumbsup: SO, if you have any questions at all, Start with the link to their site(below), check to see if...
  12. Son of Hobbes

    Platinum LED Introduction

    We'd like to officially welcome Platinum LED to our Live Vendor forum for a 6 month trial! Watch this space for updates and for their official representation on-site! :pass:
  13. Majicman

    Mars 300 led grow light lamp

    Hi Everbody!!! Can you guys let me know if you think that the Mars 300 led grow light lamp is any good?, I'm on a bit of a budget & want to start using LED's, do you think I would do well with the Mars 300, I'm initially looking just to grow an Auto or 2 inside my 1.5m x 1.5m x 2m tent, any...
  14. redrobbo

    New Hans panel 180w

    Hello yall in the LED section,ive just bought the new Hans panel 180w with upgraded Cree chips. http://www.bonsaihero.com/index.php/led-growlight-180-watt Ive had the light a week and ive noticed how cool this light runs compared to my Vipar 300w reflector and/or Hauwyi 300 flower panel,both...
  15. dcat0921

    Dcat's Amare Solar Eclipse 300 and Mephisto Skywalker Kush in GBD Soil.....

    Yep you read that right. I'm running more test cuz I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose. This time should be fairly simple I hope. Running some of the GBD soil amendment and Mephisto seeds - figure they should go hand in hand. Running those in my new tent I added due to my DWC taking over my...
  16. Santorini

    COB LED System (Wicked Grow Lights)...

    Hey What up AF FAM! So far I am BRAND NEW to growing and been doing tons of research past few days on lights and now know I am going with LED's. I am going to be growing in a closet with a 24x48x60 tent; ']LINK HERE I already ordered some Mephisto Genetics seeds (Fantasmo Express...
  17. peanut8

    Price difference

    what's the difference in running cost between LEDs and cfls?
  18. peanut8

    Led question

    what led light would you recommend for a 48"x24"x60" grow tent?
  19. IguannaTheBannana

    Planning First Grow...NEED HELP!!

    Hello fellow stoners so i have been waiting for a long time to do this and finally the day has come to do my first indoor grow,i have done some research on the web for info but i still cant find some clear answers about the 3 basic questions i have.I will start with 3 plants(king kush,super...
  20. lmike

    250we hps vs 1000w bossled

    Okay guys I'm switching from a 250 watt HPS to a BOSSLED Ⅱ1000W Double Chips(Double 5w) LED Grow Light Full Specturm for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w Leds). How much of a difference in the yield should I expect on a 20 on 4 off cycle. I'm just saying all things being equal...