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led grow lights

  1. TxRebel/Mark

    Marks 1st flight with Night Owl

    So I have multiple other journals going so kinda slacked in starting this 1 but since the mephisto ladies almost both finished up I’ll start tracking this girl! 1st run with the owl and got these after trading an IG buddy couple meph extras from Black Friday! Swapped 2 and got 2 tyrone n sour...
  2. N

    Quantum Board Spectrum Diode Mix?

    I'm starting to see many quantum board style grow lights, such as the Spider Farmer SF-2000, that are a mix 3000K and 5000K diodes). How does this spectrum mix compare to similar boards where the base diodes are only, for example, 3500K. My understanding is that the light spectrum curves are...
  3. MarshydroTina

    Mars Hydro New lights -- SP series (we need tester)

    Hello All AFN members, Thanks for all your concerning and long time waiting for our new lights!:woohoo: This moment, I feel very honored to announce that Mars Hydro SP series are released!:cooldance: Their names are SP-150 & SP-200.:woohoo1: Let's have a look at below video to get more...
  4. Tyler_Durden88

    COB LED Lights?

    Im looking into buying another light to add to my 4x4x80 tent for more coverage. right now i have 3 300w Full spectrum Roledo LED panel lights and they have worked very well thus far. After doing some research i see that COB LED has come a long way and it might be the best choice for my...
  5. Son of Hobbes

    Mars Hydro - Welcome Back & Contact Information

    Mars Hydro We'd like to extend a warm welcome back to Mars Hydro, one of the first LED companies to help kick off our product testing on AFN years ago! Mars took a break from the site and recently inquired about coming back; further, when they had left we had a good number of their...
  6. Wile e Peyote

    Wile-E-Peyote (mis)adventures with Amare LED SS 150x2/ SE250(Autopots and Bubble Buckets)

    Grow Equipment Tent:Secret Jardin DS150 cut down by 2 inches Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 8 inch carbon fresh filter Lights 2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE https://www.amaretechnologies.com/collections/solarspec-high-intensity-led-growlight-technology/products/solarspec-ss150-1 1...
  7. B

    Hans Panel LED

    Hello all, what do you think of the Hans Panle from www.bonsaihero.com ? I have read a lot of positive things about this LED lamp.
  8. TaNg

    DP AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise.

    Ive managed to get my muddy mitts on the new Dutch Passion Autos and the two I wanted to grow first are the AutoColorado Cookies.... "Coming from Colorado with some of the strongest indica-dominant auto genetics we have found so far. This is a USA autoflowering variety combining a delicious...
  9. TaNg

    AFNs live LED help thread.

    Same as the live help thread the High Team are looking after but more focused on LED....Hi I'm TaNg your host lol I have 2 1/2 years experience growing with LED and soil,some of the technical side of LED still baffles me but I'm sure I can help with the growing side. TaNg's Thang The other...
  10. TaNg

    LED and CalMag discussion.

    The other lighting mods and myself thought it would be a good idea to get a discussion going about the issue of calmag def most LED growers get. There are a few theory's out there but nothing concrete,a recent theory's form Canna shared by DP Tony is that LEDs don't create as much heat as HPS...
  11. TaNg

    Auto Erotic Blueberry Vape Report.

    SeedBank : Dragon Masters (breeder JM) Strain: Auto Erotic Blueberry (Durrty Dragon x DP Blueberry) Did it autoflower?: Y/N yes Soil/hydro: Soil Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Light (kind and schedule): 20/4 LED From seed to harvest date: __days 85 days I think Dry Yield: _g Over...
  12. TaNg

    Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar Grow

    I'm again honoured to be one of the first to try Dutch Passions new Autofem,the genetics are really exciting but that's all I can say until DP do an official announcement. 4 were planted about a week ago and they popped there heads up on 4/20 they are under a 120w Grownorthern MS0004 at the...