1. A

    question about lights (newbie)

    Let's say I have a space of 10 square meters at my disposal. I would like to put there approximately 30 autoflowers (auto Critical Orange Punch) in 20L pots grown in soil. I also have 8-10 blurple BestVa lights with 600w strength (real power drawn from wall is 60w, and 120w when turned on both...
  2. E

    Underwater XPH70 LED Build

    Idea is to build an underwater light for a boat. Basically I want to create my own version of this: https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Brightness-Underwater-Viewing-Swimming...(link is external) I need help with the driver selection. Constraints: Battery Voltage Source = 12v battery (assuming...
  3. F

    Auto Mazar

    This thread is for the general discussion of the blog entry Auto Mazar. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Auto Mazar

    Auto Mazar

    Hi today is the 4th day after soaking the seeds and today it peeked out of the soil.
  5. I

    New Grower - I really need some advice (is my set up okay?)

    Hey everyone, New member and a new auto grower here. I have only grown once, and that was legit me throwing seeds into my compost and out popped three plants which in turn gave buds and I made everything into butter as the buds were not super nice (I am a little picky as I have been spoilt by...
  6. elcoloan

    PLEASE, help me build a No-Till mix

    Good morning friends. I'm building my mix to start growing with no-till method in my 2x2 tent under LED lighting. Never grown with this method before. Plan is to start using it to grow clones of a mother plant i've grown several time already, and then start using it for autos. I've been reading...
  7. Think different

    Think different

    7. den photo
  8. IMG_20210214_124451.jpg


    White widow and Jack herer both autos grown in Coco and canna nuitriants
  9. J

    New Guy go easy on me.

    Hello AFN, first post here, Over the last couple years I notice that somewhere along the way I've become an auto grower. Lol With the faster turns, Im able to get 4 harvest a year instead of 3 with photo period plants. That alone is a game changer for home growers like myself. I have not seen...
  10. H

    Suspect possible slow growth from seedlings

    Hello, first post here, trying to get some piece of mind while I navigate through this grow process. This is my first legitimate effort grow where I have the means to do things correctly. I will try to be methodical as possible on this post with as much data as I can provide. My concern is as...
  11. Newbie grower

    Completed Newbie grower

    Week six, been sticking to the canna nutes feed guide, and have now dialled in rh and temp, This is the result at 6 weeks into a 12 week auto jack, And 6 weeks into a 10 week auto white widow,
  12. Minime2020

    Girls gone wild

    Well 5 half weeks and all of a sudden my girls have really started to really get going Thanks for the advice every one, Any thoughts on Wen to add pk? And thoughts so far
  13. Trichome farmer


    This thread will follow my grow of the skywalker haze (photo period its also available in autoflower )thanks to the team at dutch passion iv germinated 6 seeds the plan is to veg them in my small space for a few weeks in 1.6L pots then transplant upto 10L fabric pots or maybe some 15L airpots...
  14. C

    Dear diary (1st autopot experiment)

    New year, new start, new grow! I've been lurking on here, UK420 and Reddit - absorbing loads of helpful advice through osmosis! I found Hans grow diaries an inspiration :thanks:And wanted to keep a diary of my 2021 grow. Any advice or questions appreciated I've grown before, but this is a...
  15. Greenostino

    2nd Run: Biotabs - Autopot - Lightmix - Dutch Passion seeds

    Cheerios, Done with my first run... It was a mess mixing soil/ Coco and forgetting most of the important stuff. My plants made it but not the yield smell that I wished for. Anyway learned and moved forward, on to the next! Setup: Strain: Dutch Passion all the way: Auto Colorado Cookie...
  16. gradolabs

    Barneys Farm Genetics Fox Farms Soil under Leds

    Hiya all. Its been ages since I've been on here but I'm back with a new grow! Hope you guys have been well. The world can be a very difficult place these days. But here we go! 2x Barney's Farm Dos Si Dos Auto Purple Punch Auto Sweet Tooth Auto 3 gallon air pots with a 35% mixture of fox...
  17. Anasazi

    Indoor Grow RDWC Mephisto tent.

    Can't believe it's been almost 5 years since my last grow but I'm finally back!!. Got a whole new setup, bigger and better. I went from a 3x3 to a 5x5 tent and now i'm doing 4x 5 gallon buckets. For lighting I have 2 leds, a Spider Farmer 4000 with Samsung lm301b diodes @ 450 true watts, I also...
  18. Day 31 Think different dwc

    Day 31 Think different dwc

    fresh res change ph 5.95 ec 2.0. I have no words to say this lady is is almost as big as my previous Auto ultimate grow that ended up with 220g and it hasnt even started the real preflower stretch yikess...:nono::woohoo:
  19. Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    Quitexcellent DP Think different DWC

    day 28. she is looking like an absolute monster lol. ph 5.8, ec 1.75
  20. Trichome farmer


    HELLO this thread will follow my grow with the SEED STOCKERS WEDDING CAKE space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights: GN TELOS-008 v1.1 GN TELOS-008 V2 nutes: SHOGUN FERTILIZERS COCO A+B calmag katana roots silicon pk...