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  1. G

    Quantum Board led's

    Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of upgrading from my ViparSpectra 450W LED's and would welcome some advice. I have a 1Mx1Mx2M tent and want to get a single light that will adequately cover the tent both veg and bloom. Price is an issue, and I'm currently looking at the MarsHydro TS-1000 @£200...
  2. Spangle2010

    LED lamps - Veg, Bloom or Both

    G'day First a little background. I used to grow a fair bit using feminised seeds in a DWC bubbler with old-skool grow lights (MH and HPS) with plenty of success and HUGE bills. Now I've retired and just want a small grow with lower costs, so... I purchased a DR40 and 2*300w LED lamps which are...
  3. L

    Expert question about LEDs and optimal temperature

    So yesterday, I stopped by my local hydro shop to pick up some supplies and ran into a guy who was just going on and on about his grow and how his plants can “kick anyone else’s ass.” *eyeroll* . I noticed that he was buying one of those Exhale CO2 packs, and I asked him if he thought they...
  4. O

    Are my babies sick?

    Hi. I'm a first time grower and we're about 50 days old and starting to flower. White Widow with a '2000 w LED' They look sick/droopy to me, but I have no idea what I'm looking for really. I think maybe I'm underwatering... How much would you water a plant these size in a 5 gallon bucket...
  5. A

    UK cab grow led

    Hi everyone. Just joined. I have been growing on and off indoor and outdoor in the UK for a few years and currently have 2 zkittles auto by fast buds indoors and I'm in the middle of moving some more autos outside which I will make another journal for. I made my grow cab 2 years ago and...
  6. Day 8

    Day 8

    So much growth in one day. 3rd set of leaves coming in already
  7. Yucreepin

    Indoor Grow Gorilla Blue - Advanced Seeds

    How’s it going guys, first time doin it since I was a kid - where I had super limited space and didn’t really have a clue! ...managed to grow some of the best I’ve ever smoked though. (Think it helps being you’ve grown it yourself). So I’ve got a small selection of autoflowers from different...
  8. David Evans

    How much light for two week olds?

    Hi all, my plants are two weeks old today and was just wondering if im giving them too much or too little light. I am using a migro 200 led light at 30-35 cm distance from the top leaves .The first picture is what is what the dimmer was at for the last few days, the second is what I changed it...
  9. Anthropolis

    Indoor Grow Anthro's Perpetual Vol 3: Hempy/Soil/Autos/MarsHydro/Experiments

    Greetings All! After a long break, Anthro is back in the dirt. This will be my catch-all thread for now: the grow, hardware thoughts, experiments, tips. ____________________ It's been awhile friends and fam! Not sure I even finished documenting my last rounds of 2017-winter 2018, it was a busy...
  10. Denzul

    300w lmb561c Cutsom Build

    Hey everyone, Recently finished my new diy led project and figured I'd post it here It composes of 9 "sun board" 24v leds strips (some Chinese printed knockoff. No real information out there on these). Each has 96 lmb561c diodes. Meanwell hlg-320h-c1400a drives these at 1.4a bringing it to...
  11. T

    Am I Doing This Right? Day 22 of First Grow; LST Help

    Hi everybody, First time poster and grower here. Today is Day 22 of my Northern Lights Auto I currently have growing in a closet. I started LST today and I've attached a picture below. I'm hoping you folks could give me a few pointers/comments/critiques on anything you see. But first, an...
  12. O

    HLG 135w v2 RSpec kit vs SpiderFarmer SF1000 for 2x2ft tent

    First time grower evaluating tools for a 2x2 indoor grow. Would you suggest the HLG or SpiderFarmer mentioned in the title? I like the HLG but I am worried about damage to the diodes without coverage like the SF1000 has. The SF is also cheaper with similar light and spectral output to the...
  13. P

    DP Night Queen autoflower in 4x2 tent under 240 W LED

    Hi everyone! I really wanted to share some pics of this AF Night Queen i've been growing the past few months, this thing turned out to be a monster! She was grown under 6x cree cxb 3590 @ 1050 mA, wich is about 240 watts. She had to share her pot with a second AF NQ but that one didn't get...
  14. MarshydroTina

    Canada led grow light promotion-Mars Hydro

    :welcome:Mars Hydro February Deals-Canada only! :clapper: 1 Pro 160 led grow light, 30% OFF SALE!!!
  15. Growpito Demo Grow

    Growpito Demo Grow

    Hello AFN - This is @Growpito_Aleks - Presenting you with a demonstration grow. For the next few months follow me while I flower out some clones and mothers. I will be growing 16 cuts of Mendo Breath by Gage Green Genetics, 1 mother of a Dinafem Blue Cheese, and 3 Bruce Banger mothers. These...
  16. Closetflowers


  17. Marthajeep

    Must read! Lst difficulties

    Hey AFN folks! It’s been over a decade since I’ve grown last and times have changed to say the least. So it’s time to grow! So I have two plants growing both around 3 weeks from germ. My setup is a 1,000w led 30” above with dimmers, my temp stays around 77 and humidity right about 50. No nutes...
  18. D

    Auto, indoor, first grow,led

    Hi anyone able to chime in here jst over a month old man I’ve stressd them to bits with low temps lighting etc over watering transplanting, anyway I’ve managed to increase temps to 24 degrees why they so small an not growing high? And smellin wee bit like green is this pre flower or going to go...
  19. D

    Autoflower solo pot

    Hi folks new grower, and on a tight ass budget to say the least, in Scotland, autoflower led closer grow day 6 and ive been on 24hrs light straigjt am I best to give it rest? And I’ve seen some crazy autos grown in red solo cups, other folk sayin my pot to small etc will it live on to produce...
  20. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow THE TRICHOME FARM ( HSO fast green crack )

    Hello and welcome to my thread this is where i will gather all of my different grows so lets get straight into it the setup space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights...