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Cannabis Seeds
  1. scally420

    Skyline Led

    Brand of LED:Skyline Led(400w+200w) Price of the led :Can't find them on the site at the minute Delivery cost:??? (Gifted for test) What size was the grow space :4x4x7 Spectrum used: Multi spectrum white CREE XTE series LEDs Customer service rating..1-5:5 Wattage of the LED ( actual power...
  2. Duggy

    Skyline mk2 Test

    Big thanks to @muddy-ledhhydroponic for the opportunity to test the new Skyline mk2 200. The new model looks slick with stylish enclosure and badging. The spectrum now has additional red added so we will see how the flowering girls like it. Some unboxing and hanging pics below. I'll get a full...