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live product testing

  1. Son of Hobbes

    Pulse Labs AFN Welcomes Pulse Labs!

    Hey guys we'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the folks over at Pulse Labs for coming on with us to show some performance testing done with their Pulse Nano, a 'smart grow room monitor' that logs temperature, humidity, VPD, and light and provides historical data on those numbers. That can...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Rosin Tech Rosin Tech Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Tech Heat Press (test in progress!)

    Good morning everyone! SoH here and I'm kicking off the official CannaZone Test Group product testing for Rosin Tech! Rosin Tech has been so very kind and generous to send us out a professional grade rosin press and I will be documenting my experiences here while using the product and...
  3. pop22

    Zamnesia Testing Autoflowers from Zamnesia

    Got one about to break soil. As soon as they all sprout, they'll go into the tent. for a few days, I'll only use one COB to light them. Here's their new home:
  4. Eyes on Fire

    Batty Bugshit n Friends

    High guys n Gals, Wanted to say firstly @Biotabs F69 Thank you VERY VERY much for hosting a great test. although I added a lil too much Mycotrex,but imho it'll be fine...? :) I have 68Litres of soil in 6 3 gallon pots(cloth). had my soil at medium strength cut in half. so its a light mix...
  5. Mossy

    #CannaZone Test Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

    #cannazone test team
  6. budelee

    Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vape Communal Test Thread

    Hey guys, this is the communal test thread for Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vaporizer! We'd like to thank @Hopper Labs for the chance to test out their product and we've just started receiving the vapes this week! The testing group will be made up of @Son of Hobbes , @Duggy , @budelee , and @Mossy...
  7. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Grasshopper Vape!

    Hey guys we'd like to announce @Hopper Labs with their Grasshopper Vape coming on board for live product testing with our testing group! We're finalizing some details but watch this space soon to see their vape in action and put through the wringer!
  8. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Black Dog LED - Live Testing Beginning

    We'd like to formally welcome @Black Dog LED (https://www.blackdogled.com) for joining the Autoflower Network's Live Vendor Program! Black Dog has generously donated the biggest panel they currently offer, their PhytoMax 1000, and we're putting it in the hands of one of our fantastic testers...