live rosin

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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Mcdee

    Hash rosin

    Hey gang, I just did my 1st hash run and would like to turn it into rosin. I have a few question for anyone who has done this. I have 25 micron bags but do i need them for the 73 micron hash? Should I press each separate or together? I'm on a journey to make live rosin. Would like to have a...
  2. MaxPowerGrows

    RosinTech Pneumatic press or Bee-Nails Pneumatic press

    Both of these presses are 5000 psi. The Rosin tech press is $1600, check it out here, ROSIN_TECH PRESS. The Bee-Nails press is $1400, here it is, Bee_NAILS PRESS . My gut tells me to go with the Rosin Tech press, but the bee nails press looks really nice also. Does anyone have any insight on...