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lst training

  1. First attempt of LST

    First attempt of LST

    the plants are coming along nicely. I've attempted to LST the biggest - not sure if it's right but I shall see. The 2 plants in just a premium compost rather then the biobizz stuff are growing better. Maybe the others had some transplant shock or maybe biobizz all mix is over rated.
  2. T

    Are these toobearky to LST?

    I've just popped a few extra auto ak thatbwill be going outdoors uk, and I'm wondering if this is too early to LST /train? I know lst means low stress training and low being the appropriate word, but as they're autos and I've been out the homeowner scene a couple of years I dont want to hinder...
  3. LST with open source 3D printed spikes.

    LST with open source 3D printed spikes.

    My partner printed me some stakes. I spent some time this morning working on spreading her out. This being my first grow, I'm hoping I did it alright. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3383890 link to STL file.
  4. First grow - indoor 8 x automazar

    First grow - indoor 8 x automazar

    Hey guys I've thoroughly done research on growing and this is my first venture and I do hope you can join and most likely help/teach me along the way. I am currently growing AutoMazar from Dutch Passion, I have read alot of reviews of the strain and growing diaries and I thought it would be a...
  5. MasterTarzan

    Do you LST after Topping? When?

    Hey Do you LST after topping? When do you start LST if you do?
  6. D

    DF WhiteWidow XXL + Critical + 2.0

    Hey guys, this is my new grow. Welcome to just watch, but very much appreciated for any input and ideas about my little garden. probably the last time going with hps next time looking for the bigger sanlight leds. so the project : 120x120cm secret Jardin dark room 2 - 1.44m2 1000w HPS...
  7. WilliamNewbridge

    First Indoor Grow - Fastbuds Fastberry & Smoothie

    Hey Everyone Thought I would make my first post here a good one, and since I just planted a couple seeds why not start a journal. I have outdoor a couple times with this season's harvest being somewhat of a dissapointment due to some issues with a Hermie and some bud rot and PM as well as some...
  8. Boveda

    My Cannabis Bonsai in GrowthOp article :)

    Hey friends! I recently tweeted some pics of my Cannabis bonsai which grabbed a GrowthOp writer's eye. Feeling proud to be mentioned in this one. I have this dream of having a CannaBonsai group that meets every month or two and helps one another with shape, repotting, tying down etc. There...
  9. LordGreenWood

    Dinafem Cup Comp Judging Stage LGW presents Dinafem Auto Cookies :)

    howdy :pass::bighug::pass: seeds are here :worship: ty a lot @Dinafem-Mark @Mossy to be a part of this :pass::bighug::pass: the cup was here b4 obv :)
  10. L

    Indoor Grow Micro sub irrigation White Widow autoflower grow

    The tent is 2’X3’X4’. Lighting is two ViparSpectra 300W LED lights with a total of 600W on an 18/6 schedule. Irrigation is by sub irrigation through deep 10” plant pot saucers for wicking beds. Ventilation is by a vaunted 6” exhaust fan to a carbon filter tied to an Inkbird Temperature...
  11. Alice420

    Day 30 auto with lst, first auto plant

    Hi guys, Still a new grower here. Thought I'd show off my auto day 30 and any feedback and comments will be appreciated. Is this a good size for her at this point? Is the Lst fine or to crowded? As I have never grown autos before. Thanks! ALICE420
  12. Alice420

    Indoor Grow How much Light do i need????

    Hello all you wonderful humans :) So i am today on week 4 of my auto-flower grow(Amnesia Lemon). It is only one plant at the moment but i have just planted a second autoflower. I have actually been taking her out in the day for some sunlight (i live in South Africa) and then when the sun goes...
  13. Alice420

    Amnesia Lemon Auto (day26) is the LST okay?

    Hi Guys, i have recently joined this forum. I am a new grower in South Africa and thought i might as well experiment a bit with my plant. I have decided to see how the plant would do if i put it in the outdoor sun during the day and indoors under a big 250 Watt CFL bulb(i also have a 60 true...
  14. GreenMersh

    LST did I do this right?

    Last night I decided to LST my northern lights auto. It got stunted pretty bad in its second week of veg and it’s on day 31 now so I figured why not. This is my first grow ever so I was just wondering if I did this correctly?
  15. DenzelFreegreen

    Indoor Grow My Experimental Journal

    Over my years of cannabis growing I have tried almost any method imaginable...on photos. And now it is time to test them out on autos. I love running experimental grows and this thread will be a compilation of every method I've tried with the results I've witnessed
  16. Tyler_Durden88

    Mainlining and Manifolding Auto's

    When growing indoors plant training may just be the most important aspect of increasing yield and quality of your buds. There are many diffrent techniques including LST, topping/fiming,super cropping,lollypoping ECT. This thread is for mainlining/manifolding. I'd suggest getting comfortable with...
  17. LordGreenWood

    First timer with Mephisto :)

    Heya , trying some Mephisto seeds :d5: atm GWK :d5: in 10l smartpot with coco , vegged under cob , now under mars hydro pro 2 160 :pass: tent is 90*60*1.80 :pass: the lady is now 50 cm in height en width :bighug: day 37 , that was yesterday :pass::bighug::pass:
  18. I

    How are these ladies looking?

    I think they look pretty healthy I have topped all 7 of my autos and trained them, this week I defoliated them, so light can penetrate deeper into the canopy I am using 3 LED lights with a a total of 600 true watts , hopefully the buds will start to develop and fatten up I am now day 44 from...
  19. Tyler_Durden88

    Topping & Cropping Autos

    I'm making this thread bc I'm sick of seeing all these myths on what not to do with autos such as topping and HST. I'm not saying it should always be used but certain strains really benefit from topping. It is true Autos have alot less room for error so depending on your skills and exsperience...
  20. IceWater421

    Seed Stockers Grow & Show