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magic bean company

  1. Wawashell

    Wawashell Runs BLo in Coco

    i will be running @Magic Strain Breeders pack BLo x1. Just so I can get the feel for her. Including after learning my mistakes with the Binary Genetics BlkMrrr. Extra precautions and prepping were taken, :smoking: Alright the Set Up. Roots Organic Coco (ph’Ed and rinsed) in 1 gallon...
  2. Wawashell

    Blk Mrrr grow by Wawashell and Mizzo81

    @Mizzo81 and @Wawashell Grows Binary Genetics Blk Mrrr. We will both do introductions and give descriptions of our grow setups and such. Also this is not a Grow Battle, just two growers having fun and supporting @Magic and @Ronin and Binary Genetics. This is not just our thread, please feel...
  3. Magic

    June Giveaway 2018

    Hello all it's that time again! Time for some free seeds!!! This months giveaway will be a very simple one. Give me a "gardening tip" Thats it :biggrin: The most unique tip will win a 5 pack of Fem autos! Can't wait to see the responses.:pass:
  4. Magic

    Magic's May Giveaway 2018

    Its that time again for another monthly giveaway! Sorry i am little late posting this month had somethings go wrong with my previous idea so i had to put that one back in the bag of tricks to pull out another time. I hope you guys are excited about this months give away as i am. Since this month...
  5. Magic

    International Shipping

    Im now accepting Limited International orders per month! I will not advertise international shipping on my site, if your are interested please sign up at my website and send me a message there telling me where you are located and what seeds you would be interested in i will message u back with...
  6. Magic

    Witch Doctor Strain Guide

    “Is there a doctor in the house?” Witch Doctor is a double Bubba Kush Auto. This is Magic Strains signature auto strain! It was made using Dinafem's Auto Bubba Kush and HSO's Bubba Kush Auto. This Strain made Magic completely scrap his old auto catalog to work with these next level autoflowering...