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magic strains

  1. baked in the bluegrass

    Magic mystery tour

    Heya afn peeps. Just wanted to toss this out here today. I stumbled and bumbled my way into a couple of mystery strains from the magic man himself. I am running 1 now in my first ever hydro attempt. Its 22ish days old today, and shes blowing up. Im hoping she gets big, and i for sure wouldnt...
  2. baked in the bluegrass

    Baked in a bucket??

    Heya afn peeps, we are at it again this morning. Ive done gone and did a thing.... I have decided to get my feet wet(hehe) and try out a lil hydro grow. This will be that first boring deets post, then itll be off to the races(i hope). Lights or outdoor: Lights- a combo of 150w qbs and 65w...
  3. Mañ'O'Green

    Grow Battle Show Case 2019 St. Tom is Light Grower 2019 Champion

    Vote for 3. Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the Championship Round. These are the potential Gladiators: Top 5 2018 Champion Growers COB 1st @F.N. 2nd @Mañ'O'Green 3rd @bushmasterar15 4th @Feenix 5th @Only1Sky 5th @Jibblerjoe LED 1st 2nd @Only1Sky 3rd @St. Tom 4th...
  4. baked in the bluegrass

    On to the next one(perpetual thread)

    Heya afn! We are back for the next round of grows. Thisll be the first boring deets post, and if afn lets me upload my pics ill add a few of those as well. Setup- *Space- 4x2x6 tent *Medium- roots organic original *Pots- 1x 3 gallon autopot, 2x 2 gallon rootmaker pots *lights- 1x 160w qb, 1x...
  5. Wawashell

    Wawashell Runs BLo in Coco

    i will be running @Magic Strain Breeders pack BLo x1. Just so I can get the feel for her. Including after learning my mistakes with the Binary Genetics BlkMrrr. Extra precautions and prepping were taken, :smoking: Alright the Set Up. Roots Organic Coco (ph’Ed and rinsed) in 1 gallon...
  6. Mañ'O'Green

    Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the second of two qualifying legs 1st May. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where...
  7. Mañ'O'Green

    Short Stuff, Magic Strains & Zambeza

    Time to start a new grow thread. I will be growing Short Stuff Auto Amnesia CBD, Magic Strains Bubba Trouble and Zambeza White Cheese Auto on Jan 18 for seed drop. I will be in three battles General, Short Stuff and COB GOTY. I want my COB crown back! I reconfigured the exhaust system so I can...
  8. TehSnow

    Teh Snow vs. Bubba Trouble

    We've got some serious trouble going on, Houston! I won these seeds back in 2017 christmas contest supported by @Magic and got 10x Bubba Trouble and 10x VooDoo. I originally popped four but only three made it, fourth pot had problems with coco and had to be gotten rid of. Pot: 11l black...
  9. Mossy

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the first of two qualifying legs 1st February. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored...
  10. X

    Newbie with paragraphs of questions, sorry

    Hey there I will be attempting my second grow ever some time soon hopefully. I bought the last five Magic Strains Bubba Trouble from DCSB and will be trying my first ever Autofems. I learned A LOT last time when I grew some Nirvana Blue Mystic but that was also 7 years and a couple of states...
  11. Magic

    Magic's May Giveaway 2018

    Its that time again for another monthly giveaway! Sorry i am little late posting this month had somethings go wrong with my previous idea so i had to put that one back in the bag of tricks to pull out another time. I hope you guys are excited about this months give away as i am. Since this month...
  12. Magic

    International Shipping

    Im now accepting Limited International orders per month! I will not advertise international shipping on my site, if your are interested please sign up at my website and send me a message there telling me where you are located and what seeds you would be interested in i will message u back with...
  13. Magic

    Witch Doctor Strain Guide

    “Is there a doctor in the house?” Witch Doctor is a double Bubba Kush Auto. This is Magic Strains signature auto strain! It was made using Dinafem's Auto Bubba Kush and HSO's Bubba Kush Auto. This Strain made Magic completely scrap his old auto catalog to work with these next level autoflowering...
  14. Magic

    Magic Appreal Now Available

    A little birdie told me about a great site to go through for T-shirts and other nice stuff so go take a look i have T-shirts for Both men and women, stickers and coffee mugs. Working on Leggings and Cell phone covers. If there is anything you don't see but are interested in supporting magic...
  15. Dabber

    Dabbers MEGA RUN

    What's up AFN FAMILY. My 3rd grow is finishing up and it's now time to plan my next run in my new space. Please join me @912GreenSkell @9bear @trailanimal @archie gemmill @Arthur @Ash-a-Ton @Avalanche Blanch @BigSm0 @blue @Boradan @briman @Bubble Bowls @bushmasterar15 @Cotton46 @DABaracuss...
  16. Saint Skinny

    Saint’s Run: G-14 and Black Diesel

    I figured I’d give this online journal a shot. I’ve wanted to do one of these for awhile but I’ve been so overwhelmed and distracted lately it’s been damn near impossible... but spring is finally coming, the weather is warming up, and I’m almost feeling optimistic. Things have been stupid rough...
  17. midIN

    The Bubbatrouble in DWC show.

    Well here she is she was slow starting so kept it in til she started crawling around and in 21 hours she has went from 1 main root sticking out to total of 7 around the net. pH 6.03, temps in tent 76 humidity 51%. Shes in a 2 liter tub til more roots and bigger are out. She had 1/4 ml of all so...
  18. Magic

    100,000 View Giveaway

    Hello Afn! :pass:I hope you all are well, i want to do something in the moment to show my appreciation for everyone who has showed support for magic strains i want to thank you with a chance to win some free seeds! As of my Count today I'm at 72,000 views in my section, again thank you all here...
  19. Magic

    Magic Strains Website News & Updates

    Finally here my website!! Store opens march 1st but you can still access rest of the site. I will have a member sign up im trying to think of some special perks for regular members their will be specials strains that only certain members can access please pm me to learn more about my premium...
  20. Ripper

    Rippers Bubba Trouble

    I put this girl in a 5 gallon pot she will be fed distilled water. I am using the Mephisto amendment. I will top feed real growers recharge starting week 3 or 4. Really want to top her but not sure. This is her day 7