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  1. Cmersh

    Light Distance question.

    Alright so I’ve been wanting to get my lights closer to my plants since it’s going into preflower but the hanging attachments that came with my light aren’t really adjustable so I’ve just been putting my pot on top of something, but I need to move it up more to close distance. Is it alright to...
  2. Gonnagrowmore

    Day 12 flower new grower

    Here are some pictures of my current scrog. I have 10 plants in total 8 in scrog at 2.4m x2.6 x80 cm. using skyline200/600, Helios 6 mars and Chinese castnoo. I have about 7 hps I can use. But prefer to do a led grow. Water is dechlorinated by evaporation. 24 hours. I keep condensed water...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Mars Hydro - Welcome Back & Contact Information

    Mars Hydro We'd like to extend a warm welcome back to Mars Hydro, one of the first LED companies to help kick off our product testing on AFN years ago! Mars took a break from the site and recently inquired about coming back; further, when they had left we had a good number of their...
  4. M

    Best LED For 4x4?

    ive decided to go for a 4x4 tent which i plan on growing 5 Think Different plants Which Mars LED setup is best? 4 x 300w HYDRO 2 x 700w HYDRO II 2 x 900w HYDRO II 1 x 1200w HYDRO II 1 x 1600w HYDRO II Currently I am leaning toward 4 x 300w as I can pick them up for £50 a piece. The total...
  5. A

    New mars COB

    I haven't seen any threads about this. What are your thoughts on the new mars cob. On different sites I have read alot of negatives, like the price, cree is outdated etc. But what about the positives, if someone lived in where they didn't have that much access to diy led equipment and the import...
  6. Druid

    Moby Dick - the one with the CBD

    Hey, so this is going to be my next grow log. Components: Space: Mars Hydro Tent - 1m² (3.3ft²) Substrate: Terra Exotica - Cocos Ground Pots: NiceGrow 11 Liter (Plastic air pots) Watering: Drain to waste hydro (potVolume * 0.05 /day) Overflow: 1m² flex-tray with spacers (so nothing gets swampy...
  7. stepside

    Help out a lazy brother

    Man, I'm tired and I need a hand. I see 6 pages of Mars hydro threads right here in front of me. If you're growing under a MarsHydro light right here right now could you help me out?? It's pretty simple really... I'm looking for a nice pic. Show me a nice plant under a MarsHydro light. If you...
  8. Slowmo

    This will be a Slowmo Grow

    Hello AFN.. I'm about to start my first indoor auto show.. It will feature some good freebies while i'm learning how to exploit current setup :pass: Growspace : 1x1x1,8m (mars hydro tent) Lights : Mars Reflector 96 (main light) 200w MARSHYDRO-PAR38 (supplement light) 25w Pots : 4 x 10l...
  9. BigSm0

    Kind k5 led. Think twice before peeing on an electric fence.

    The title was to lure in as many as possible. :pighug: The length of this is inevitable but I'll do my best. Not hating or slandering. This is just my story over the past couple months. Few months ago I picked up 2 kind k5 LEDs. Growers house for 2880 shipped. Shortly after getting them 21...
  10. mintberrycrunch

    MintBerryCrunch's First Auto Tent Log~DP BlueBerry & Dark Devil

    Hey everybody! Long time creeper, first time poster. This will be my 5th grow, 4 of which being autoflowers. Almost all in ghetto stealth CFL cabs lol. One was a speaker, the next was a photo in a gutted dresser, and finally, 2 in a small closet with a 300W CFL. So anyway, I'm finally moving on...
  11. mintberrycrunch

    Hey there AFN! Semi-noob saying hi-

    Hey everybody! Long time creeper, first time poster. I'm planning on setting up a grow log once I get all my equipment- but for now I just wanted to introduce myself. This will be my 5th grow, 4 of which being autoflowers. Almost all in ghetto stealth CFL cabs lol. So anyway, I'm finally moving...
  12. ShapeShift

    Mars II 400w users, show me your ladies!

    Hey all! Currently looking at purchasing a Mars II 400w w/5w chips. I will be adding it to my 60x60x150cm tent, which currently has a 300w old style Mars w/5w chips. Please give me your feedback if you've had experience with this light, post your photos, grows, thread. Hoping to have 2-3...