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meph heads

  1. Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (Breeding test 4:20 grow)

    Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (Breeding test 4:20 grow)

    This is my OWN cross. Mephisto's Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (a Mephisto's Tyrone Special x Deep Sea Creature) . I did not like the look of the FC I have going in the battle, So I decided to pop something else, and throw it int he mix, see if it can compete with the pro breeder crosses yet. See what...
  2. K

    Is This Mix good Enough for my Medium?

    hey guys im working on my first grow (Mephisto genetics strawberry Nuggets ) and decided to go with a coco coir medium. after doing my research ive come up with: -Canna coco coir in a 3 gallon pot with 30% perlite - buffered with calMag -mixed with alfalfa meal and kelp meal -watered with...
  3. Mephisto Genetics Mango Smile

    Mephisto Genetics Mango Smile

    heya peeps, thanks for stopping by! lets get right to the good stuff and do some introductions. this round is 4 plants and all are in the same pots, medium, and will be on the same basic nute routine. lets knock out the boring deets! strain- mephisto genetics mango smile medium and...
  4. *COMPLETE*   Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    Completed *COMPLETE* Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    I try to always keep some of the Chem family in my grow tents, and Chemdogg is one of my favorites. I just harvested one today, and I have one that is just about 3 weeks old. I am starting this journal entry to keep track of my currently growing Chemdogg. As soon as the lights come on, I will...
  5. Mephisto Jammy Dodgers

    Mephisto Jammy Dodgers

  6. Chemdogging x CDLC

    Chemdogging x CDLC

    Heya peeps! Here we have 1 of the strains in the tent, its a mephisto genetics freebie i received, chemdogging x cdlc. So setup is pretty much exact same across the board in the tent this round, heres the quick recap... *4x4x6 tent *Autocobs and qbs for light, about 370w when everythings...
  7. Fitzy

    @Fitzy and Blue Toof illuminautos#29 stilton special x 3Bears og and 4assed monkey

    So I've grown these a few times now and really like them I've selfed 2 so I have more and recently crossed to a silverback crack so any way I'm using a combination of 3ml per gallon of calyx magnum, 10ml a gallon of kangeroots, and 3ml of kelp me kelp you. In a 2gal fabric pot of coco with...
  8. Jimbojohn

    Indoor Grow Mephisto GWK (Grape Walker Kush) & AvT (Alien vs Triangle)

    The details: Genetics 2x Mephisto GWK 2x Mephisto AVT 2x Short Stuff Super Cali Haze Light - Quantum Boards, 2 - 288.2's with LM301B diodes. Throttled down to ~100w @ 30" through veg to ~200w @ 12" through flower. Medium - 50/25/25 Root Farm Hydro Mix, Worm Castings and Perlite in 3 gal smart...
  9. Dublegendz

    Deficiency...HELP!! Ripley's OG by Mephisto

    So this was yesterday.... 20181215_174524 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM And now this was this morning... 20181216_091115 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM I changed her res last night...always use ro water w/1ppm. She was on a light feed of Nova grow, calmag &...
  10. Dublegendz

    Water level in dwc causing probs?

    So I'm wondering if the leaf curl on my dwc (Ripley's OG) is due to water level being too high? I only run the top feed twice a day @ 2 min intervals & the roots are bright white & healthy. I'm only concerned cuz next to her my Walter White's leaves are perky in the coco...they were born the...
  11. Wawashell

    Forum Stomper

    SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Forum Stomper “Branches of Branches Pheno” Did it autoflower?: (Y/N) Yes. Around day 75ish. Probably something I did. Soil/hydro: Roots Organic Coco Nutes: Cyco Platinum Series with Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal Light (kind and schedule): 600 Watts...
  12. papykush

    10 weeks... S.O.D.K...

    maybe another week !
  13. Tyler_Durden88

    Mephisto Avt, Double grape, forum stomper dried and cured pics

    Heres the most recent mephisto strains ive got ready to smoke. This is the AVT wich is super potent and very high odor it smellsthrough the glass jars. Next is the forum stomper she has super high bag appeal and a very distinctive smell great taste and potent as well. Now the best of the...
  14. Black Hat Genetics

    Sour Crinkle - Organic Soil and Teas

    I'm going to be giving my favorite Mephisto another go, and it will be one of the 3 strains I am using for my first all organic soil \ tea \ water only grow. I will be documenting the other two strains in their own threads as well. I've been using Dutch Pro for the past couple years so it will...
  15. Archaic

    Just a thought for the Mephisto Mod

    Maybe its time to un-sticky/un-top a few threads. Meph makes great stuff, but there is more topped content than untopped on the front page, and a lot of it has not been posted on in years.
  16. RidaRidaRida

    2 x AK & 2 x Fugue State. Maybe some SODK if I buy another tent. First time grower in a legal state!

    So, I will apologize in advance as I am OCD and this is my first ever grow after 17 years of loving the flower, so this will be an EXTREMELY detailed post. I will be looking back on it during each future grow to hone my skills and create top shelf Cannabis consistently. First the tent, 300w...
  17. Wawashell

    Wawashell Forum Stomper CoCo Grow with Cyco Platinum

    This will be an all CoCo Grow of Forum Stomper in 3 gal Smart Pot. She will get the Cyco Flower line up and other stuff. Will be in the tent with two Forgotten Cookies (under the BioTabs Thread). Excited about Forum Stomper! Will have pics and details soon
  18. Wawashell

    Wawashell runs BioTabs on Forgotten Cookies Against Cyco Platinum Forgotten Cookies All CoCo Grow in

    This will be a 5 Gal Coco Grow with BioTabs Forgotten Cookies against 3 Gal CoCo Grow Cyco Flower. In the 5 gal Forgotten Cookies Smart Pot I ran as per instructions with BioTabs. Really excited about this grow. Going against a 3 gal Smart Pot in coco with Cyco Platinum. I imagine Cyco will...
  19. Brad_Mephisto


    MEPHISTO CANADA STORE NOW OPEN Canadian MephHeads, rejoice! It's become a reasonably common complaint over the last year or two that our packages to Canada can take anywhere from 5 days to 5 weeks or more to arrive. We decided a while ago to try with a Canadian distributor through our regular...
  20. Wawashell

    WawaShell’s Meph. Gen. IlluminAuto Grow(s)

    Well Back From Hibernation! :smoking: 24x48x60 Grow Tent (upgrade from make shift tent) 600 watt Kings LED 2 Circulation Fans Mix 3 gal and 5 gal pots and bags Roots Organic Orig. Soil Perlite Bone meal Blood meal Mephisto Genetics IlluminAuto #21 Sour Crinkle x4 Might add 1 or 2 Gold Glues...