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mephisto 3 bears og

  1. Week 5 - Balls!

    Week 5 - Balls!

    I’ll start with Sour Stomper. As some may have noticed from the title of this post, there were balls. The second node had them at all 4 flower sites. Note them here: I just plucked them off. This came up at the same point with the Double Grape as well, so this is a bit concerning. Besides...
  2. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does 3 Bears OG by Mephisto Genetics

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo does 3 Bears OG by Mephisto Genetics

    Here is my second attempt at 3 bears OG, from mephisto. I'll tell you, the second looked EXACTLY like the first. smells the same too. Very consistent. Shes got such thick, WIDE buds... Here I left a couple of comments from the start of the journal. Hopefully she will be more of the same. She...
  3. 3 Bears OG Body Shot

    3 Bears OG Body Shot

    she was so DENSE, I had to tie her to the ceiling so she didnt break her branches. even then some still snapped. And that's only a 2 gallon pot!
  4. 3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Closeup Main Cola

    Such a pretty shot. this one went on my wall. Only the BEST make it on the wall.
  5. 3 Bears OG Main Cola

    3 Bears OG Main Cola

    Such a Sticky Girl. I had to keep alcohol next to me while trimming her up
  6. 3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    3Bears OG Closeup Side Cola

    my GOODNESS look at those crystals!
  7. Zzackgrowz

    Mephisto Adventure 2 : No Till

    Hi autogrowers, I’m new to this community and autos (I’ve only grown 4 and none that successfully) and would love any advice / suggestions. Running a 4x4 tent with a diy QB 4x288 V2 setup. I went with the atreum boards and also have a small strip setup hanging in the middle for extra coverage...
  8. Man Bear 3 Bear

    Man Bear 3 Bear

    post fan removal main cola
  9. OceanDriveKush

    Mephisto Frosty winter grow

    Strawberry nuggets, 3bears OG, Walter White,Blue toof, Blue Cush. My second grow first was only a minor success but in my opinion a failure. So let’s try again.
  10. Dabber

    COBShop.net Dabbers MEGA RUN

    What's up AFN FAMILY. My 3rd grow is finishing up and it's now time to plan my next run in my new space. Please join me @912GreenSkell @9bear @trailanimal @archie gemmill @Arthur @Ash-a-Ton @Avalanche Blanch @BigSm0 @blue @Boradan @briman @Bubble Bowls @bushmasterar15 @Cotton46 @DABaracuss...
  11. Santos23

    Santos23 1st time 3 bears og, Northern lights

    Hey all, Super excited i finally get to make one of these. This is my 1st time and i cannot wait too see how it turns out! Strains/medium/nutes 2x Mephisto 3 bears og 4x Royal queen seeds Northern lights Coco/Perlite mix 3 Gallon pots Floramicro FloraGro FloraBloom Calimagic Ph'd tap water...