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mephisto autoflower

  1. Ripley's  from Mephisto

    Completed Ripley's from Mephisto

    So I have a little Ripley's growing, in a 2 gal pot. I love this strain. It has, so far, gotten taller than me by a good 3-4 inches every time. Tall for an auto, and she stacks those golfballs, too. A lot of mephisto strains seem to throw more individual nuggets than the larger, condensed...
  2. Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Mephisto Sour Hound LE

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Mephisto Sour Hound LE

    I just had my Sour Hound pop her head above ground yesterday evening, and sonow she gets to join the ranks of all the lovely ladies in my blog. Right now she's still under my baby light, with a heat mat under her. I'll keep her there for another day, then she's going in the auto closet, with all...
  3. BWMB_11_19-5845.jpg


    Bear White Man Bear top view.
  4. BWMB_11_19-5843.jpg


  5. Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    Man Bear Alien Pig tallest cola

    such a pretty sparkle. I'm out of these seeds. I wish i had more:(
  6. Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    Man Bear Alien Pig closeup 1

    closeup of one of the taller colas. it was pretty even all across the canopy. Gorgeous colors, and stunk to high heaven, too. Made the hallway smell, even.
  7. Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig full plant shot

    The branches bent down facing the ground unless I h ad her supported with pipe cleaners and bamboo. She was almost as tall as me, and even though I'm short, im still 5 ft tall.
  8. Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    Man Bear Alien Pig wide canopy shot

    this is pre-fan removal, as wide as I coudl get it and still get some definition to the buds Mephisto is hands down my favorite breeder.