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mephisto forgotten cookies

  1. A Little Family Photo Time

    A Little Family Photo Time

    I just wanted to update the blog with some photos of the mother, and of the only female Tyrone Purps I got out of 9 seeds. I call her Auntie. The mother was the forgotten cookies. So really these babies are 3/4 mephisto genetics, 1/4 deep sea creature. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Oh...
  2. Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    mephisto genetics Forgotten Cookies. The mother of my breeding project. See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  3. Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Mother of my breeding project See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  4. cookies mama side cola

    cookies mama side cola

    SO pretty. no colors on the side, though. it almost looks like a different plant, huh?
  5. cookies mama full shot

    cookies mama full shot

    She was as tall as me.. about 5 ft. VERY open, and thin fingered leaves.
  6. cookies mama main closeup

    cookies mama main closeup

    Mephisto Genetics - Forgotten Cookies Grown in potters Gold, Fed Sensi, and lit with a BloomBeast
  7. Round 1 Breeding Grow

    Completed Round 1 Breeding Grow

    (best male on left, best female so far center rear) I started a little breeding project, with some of Mephisto's genetics, and some of a random breeder called Green Works Collective. Green Works took a menage-a-Tyrone (Mephisto), reversed it, and crossed it with a Deep Sea Creature. So these...