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mephisto genetics

  1. Ronin

    Supernatural OG

    I'd like to present Miss Supernatural OG at day 66. She met the blade last night.:tang: Here are her specs: Container: Red bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707/Sensi Sci Soil at a 2/1 blend Lights: 18/6 Veg under HPS and flowered under LED Nutrients: General Organics (only needed for last...
  2. Ronin

    Sour Hound Round 2

    Miss Sour Hound met the blade today:tang: Day 62. Container: 2 gallon red bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707 Lights: HPS/LED @18/6 Nutrients: General Organics 21"/53.3cm tall I'll post some dried/cured bud shots once ready. Thanks for stopping by!:cheers:
  3. Resinhound

    Mephisto and amare

    So here is a tyrone special at 56days grown under amare solarsystem 440,let me know what you think of her. My first run in coco and with these new fine lights.
  4. IraqJack

    Mephisto Sour Crack Autoflower 2nd run, and Photoperiod friends.

    Just started this new run on November 6th since my current grow is coming to a close. The main focus will be on my 2nd run of Mephisto's Sour Crack. I will also be growing out x3 of Mephisto's Crackberry Regular photoperiod seeds, x2 Barney's Farm Cookies Kush Fem photoperiod, x3 Heavyweight...