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  1. gbd

    gbd visits Mephisto!

    The stars have finally aligned and I've made it to the magical Mephisto mountain! I will keep this thread as a running photo journal while I'm here. Feel free to tag along and watch the progress! I'm still not quite in the swing of things time wise, but I did have my morning coffee at noon...
  2. Spanglish

    Spanglish´s Deep Blue Orange Alien encounter

    So we are off, soil mixed with extras and presoaked, and two beans in between kitchen towels getting their germ on :) Gone with another Deep Blue C in the 11L square pot as she is currently one of my all time fav smokes auto or photo and reckon she could be better still given a perfect dry and...
  3. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Hash and Concentrates

    Welcome fellow AFN members:pass: I wanted to create a place where we can showcase some of your Mephisto hash and other forms of concentrates. Please feel free to add your creations. Here are some of the dry ice hash and rosin that I made with some of Mephisto's fine genetics. White Triangle...
  4. Rhyce Saroni

    Rhyce Saroni's Mephisto lab...

    High! I'm retiring my current thread at the end of my on-going HBSS and White Train grows... In July I'll be starting all new crops and doing all kinds of fun stuff here... I'm a...
  5. mephisto

    Mephisto records, strain results and tips!

    Hey guys, just thought we could start a collaborative thread. a simple format, strain, grow method, size/height, yield, harvest day, any hints or tips, and general impression of your Mephisto grow. would be nice to keep track and interpret this data, it's really valuable for us and others to...